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Comment: Re:Makerspace.... (Score 1) 167

It's been called a WORKSHOP or some close equivalent in various languages for something like 2000 years now! Why the heck do we need to make up a stupid name for it?

We need to save something for the riff-raff. I vote we start calling them "3D Print-shops".

3D Print-shop: like silk-screening T-shirts, only in 3D!

Comment: Re:Which is it? Very different cases. (Score 1) 143

Why is it that your reaction, SuperKendall, is knee jerk "it must be okay"? Was it the "forest" part of the article?

Hmm. Forest? Forest == Tree. Tree == Tree hugger. Tree hugger == hippie. Hippie == those fucking fucks I'm supposed to hate.

Fucking libtards.

The losses of forests must be due to some natural variation in the solar cycles and phases of the moon, i.e., it is good for humanity and good for the Free Market.

This is now. Later is later.