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Comment: Re:um... (Score 2) 35

by pitchpipe (#47450333) Attached to: Phase-Changing Material Created For Robots

um... ok, so its silicone rubber coated in wax. Heat the wax and the silicone can flex because the wax is fluid. Let it cool and the wax hardens. That doesn't sound even remotely durable to me. How is this useful?

Didn't you watch the video?! It's just like the Terminator! Also, kittens, because they're cute and soft.

I don't know why everybody has to be so skeptical nowadays.

Comment: Re:AI is always (Score 1) 564

Yes but isn't this how a general intelligence is built up? Take my eye for instance, an amazing sensor that feeds into my brain. is the signal immediately fed to my consciousness? Certainly not. There is a massive ammount of preprocessing happening, from detecting edges, to noticing slight changes from frame to frame and discarding the irrelevant, to many other things.

I suspect that this is how a general intelligence will be built up.

Comment: Re:You can never trust companies (Score 1) 82

by pitchpipe (#47289587) Attached to: Google's Nest Buys Home Monitoring Camera Company Dropcam
I don't even read any assurances from Rogers, just weasel words like what the NSA says:

Nest's founder Matt Rogers anticipated this issue, and insisted that there's no reason to worry. In his blog post, he says that data won't be shared with anyone, including Google, without a customer's permission.

Probably in the fine print that by using the product you have given permission, and if you don't want to give permission you need to opt-out by sending a letter through the USPS. Oh, and it must be received on a day when there is a full moon, signed in blood, and sealed with the king's seal.

In this day-and-age of corporate spying you must always assume the worst.

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by pitchpipe (#47287327) Attached to: Construction of World's Largest Telescope Finally Underway in Chile

> The telescope will shed light on the 'dark ages' of the universe,

No, actually the telescope will *collect* light from the dark ages of the universe. If it shed light it would be the world's biggest fucking flashlight.

Being a pedant is hard these days.

It will metaphorically 'shed' light on the dark ages of the universe by collecting the light from said dark age.

Of course following Muphry's law I've probably made some mistake in my post.

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by pitchpipe (#47200391) Attached to: America 'Has Become a War Zone'

Even the cops are afraid...

This is the part that is weird. Police officer as a profession isn't even in the top ten most dangerous jobs in the U.S., and yet we act like they are dying at every turn. What about truck drivers, or power-line workers, or iron-workers? These are the real heroes who are dying every day on the job.

I'm not saying there aren't good cops, but I have a friend who is a police officer. And to him if you aren't a cop or someone he knows well, you are suspect. He is paranoid, and that is drilled into them in the culture they are in.

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by pitchpipe (#47185233) Attached to: The Sci-Fi Myth of Killer Machines

The death penalty shouldn't be decided by algorithm.

But isn't the death penalty already decided by algorithm?

  1. Black? Check
  2. Kill or threaten or hint or look like you might kill Americans? Check
  3. Can't afford a good lawyer or live outside of the US? Check

I heard a guy today at work say "Did you see Bergdahl's dad? He had a beard out to here! (motions with hands) He looks like a Taliban." I said, "He must be a Taliban then." (Most of the men that I've looked up to have had huge beards.)

The death penalty should be abolished. Especially because right now it is decided by a bunch of stupid fucking barely more competent than monkey algorithms.

Comment: Re:Frightening (Score 0) 269

pretty much all of it impacts national security

Pretty much all? Clearly, if the NSA is doing something it impacts national security. Otherwise they wouldn't be doing it. Duh. Besides that, it's right there in their name. National Security Agency, see?

On /. my nick is pitchpipe, but in real life my name is Truth Teller, and do you know what I say? You're a fucking moron. It must be true because it's right there in my name: Truth Teller. Duh. See?

Or do you think it might not be that simple?

Comment: Re:Frightening (Score 5, Insightful) 269

The law says it's perfectly legal for NSA to destroy evidence that would compromise national security if revealed in a civil court.

So the NSA gets to decide which evidence could impact national security of course, and pretty much all of it impacts national security so there is effectively no oversight. So pretty much the NSA operates as an unchecked branch of the government.

You apologist are many things: cowards, shills, etc. Patriots you are not. You are undermining our democracy (however much we have left).

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