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Comment: George Carlin (Score 1) 120

by pipingguy (#47898151) Attached to: The Challenges and Threats of Automated Lip Reading
Old George Carlin joke:
Here’s a good example of practical humor, but you have to be in the right place. When a local television reporter is doing one of those on-the-street reports at the scene of a news story, usually you’ll see some onlookers in the background of the shot, waving and trying to be seen on television. Go over and stand with them but don’t wave. Just stand perfectly still and, without attracting attention, move your lips, forming the words, “I hope all you stupid fuckin’ lip-readers are watching. Why don’t you just blow me, you goofy deaf bastards.” The TV station will enjoy taking the many phone calls.

Comment: Scope Creep (Score 1) 130

by pipingguy (#47805755) Attached to: Finland's Nuclear Plant Start Delayed Again
...disagreements with its client Teollisuuden Voima over the plant's automation system.

Could also be that technology changed or "improved" over the years that the plant has been in engineering. At one point in some of these type of projects you can get to where the client ends up very involved in the design process and that can blur lines of responsibility ("who does what", not accountability).

With 3D CAD plant modelling many more people can be involved in design review meetings, and sometimes that causes...issues. In the old days only those who could read technical drawings would be commenting.

Comment: Re:Don't worry... only a computer model (Score 0) 121

by pipingguy (#47803669) Attached to: New Computer Model Predicts Impact of Yellowstone Volcano Eruption the case of climate models, you have to get extremely general to be at all accurate.

Or just do 25 different model runs with different inputs and then pick the one that came closest to actual measurements. Then say, "See? Computer climate modelling is valid!".

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