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Comment Re:Obligatory TheOatmeal comic (Score 1) 28

Seriously though, who prints stuff outside of work anyway?

Photographers. Specifically those that like to hang their work on the wall and/or enter their work into photo club competitions. Given how many people tend to be milling around the printer stands at photography trade shows, I suspect there's more of them still around than you might think, and presumably Epson thinks so too since this could easily be a huge cost saver for the right print volume.

Comment Re:Botnet takeover (Score 1) 46

They have control over the Bot*Net*, but the actual bots are continuing to operate on autopilot searching for and attempting to infect other hosts. Short of sending a "shutdown" command - assuming Conficker has one - and potentially assuming liability for any PCs that might be in life-safety applications (common sense says there shouldn't be any, however reality says otherwise) there's not a lot else they can do but wait for their owners to replace them. Given how long PCs tend to stay in use outside the Home/Office environments (I can personally cite an example of over 20 years for a SparcStation in a manufacturing environment), that might take quite some time...

Comment Re:other market factors to adjust for (Score 1) 134

That's pretty much an established business strategy, to buy or subsidize your entry into a new market with profits from your existing cash cows. Google did it wih Youtube and Android, Apple did it with everything except the iPod and so on. It's certainly a gain for customers if profits, instead of being disbursed to stockholders, and invested in new products and increased competition.
What set Microsoft aside was it's complete ruthlessness in leveraging it's OS monopoly to crush competitors using anti-competitive tactics that made consumers poorer.

Comment Re:Men and women are the same (Score 1) 302

It's the socks.

The real sexism seems to be that some businesses still require males to wear one or two layers of wool over a layer or two of cotton and the entire body except hands and face to be covered with clothing, while the female uniform is somewhere along the lines of "whatever, so long as we can't see nipple, but preferably thinner fabric and more exposed skin." Evening that out would go a long way to making everyone more comfortable at a given temperature.

Comment Re:America's not so behind after all! (Score 1) 94

Thanks for the clarification - I'm actually in Europe, but read something about it on a mailing list and seeing OP mention Verizon jogged my memory. Makes sense if OP is in one of the areas impacted by the pending deal that they'd be trying to upsell their wireless biz and downplay their hopefully soon to be unloaded fixed line assets though. No point signing up new customers only to hand them off to Frontier if you can convince them that they'd be better off with the wireless service and hopefully keep them around to be milked

Comment Re:America's not so behind after all! (Score 1) 94

Depending on which state you are in there might be a reason for that, and it's nothing to do with being on the cutting edge of broadband delivery; Verizon is apparently selling their landline business to Frontier Communications in 14 states. From the linked article:

The deal includes Verizon's wireline assets in Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin as well as some assets in California.

Comment Re: Tiny black holes (Score 1) 146

These are silly questions. Humans learn their sense of right and wrong from their parents and community, as children. It's somewhat malleable in adulthood, also through their experiences of their environment.

We don't all share the same sense of right and wrong, and we certainly don't all share the Christian version of it, which is really pretty nasty by western standards.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 282

Go try buying a 2015+ TDI and see if you can run it without a DPF and DEF.. legally.

Good catch, I hadn't seen that the 2015's now include AdBlue. It's a huge step up from the 2007 Diesels that required monthly fillups. At 10k miles at least I'd only have to worry about it with oil changes. Unfortunate, but not a massive impact.

the next generation TDI Golf lost its IRS rear axle

Unless you have one of the mythical Aussie 4 wheel drive Golf TDIs, there isn't a rear axel on the Golf. More correctly, there are two very short axels that so far as I can tell have not been impacted by the addition of DEF.

It does look like they switched from the multilink independent suspension to a solid rear bar and torsion rods. I'm so-so on that. Performance tuning is out the window, but for a daily driver it should be fine, and maintenance is way cheaper.

Not sure on your fuel pump issue or how that would take out the engine. I could see possibly taking out the injectors if you wind up with particulate crap getting rammed into them at 1500 psi. But how are you losing an engine to a fuel pump "explosion"?


Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 508

At 200 feet, the spread on a horizontal shot is ~100". If this is 9 pellet buck shot with a perfect spread that means you have a bit over 4 feet of air between each of those pellets. The drone is what, 20" wide? Even a perfect shot has better than eve odds of missing at that distance.

Given a vertical shot where gravity is pulling each pellet even further out of the pattern and it would be a miracle to hit anything.

So switch to bird shot. Figure just over 1.5 oz of lead bb shot in a 12 gauge 3" shell, that's ~80 pellets. Significantly more likely to hit, but at 200 feet, the .56 grams of a pellet is moving at roughly 600 fps between air resistance and gravity, which is just over 9 newtons (2 pounds) of kinetic energy hitting the drone.

This is also assuming that the guy is using the largest commonly fielded bird hunting combo. If he's using a 2.5" or 2" shell, the numbers drop even more.

I would be quite surprised if someone pulled off a 200' vertical shot, hit, and did substantial enough damage to take a drone out of the sky. Yeah, commercial drones are wimpy, but not /that/ wimpy.


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