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User Journal

piotru's Journal: CO2 emissions

Journal by piotru

Poland has reduced the CO2 emissions by 30% between 1988 and 2008 (sustaining strong economical growth), while the Europe on average by 1% (of 6% Kyoto target) (source: former min. of environment Jan Szyszko)

France produces most of its energy in nuclear plants and pushes hard for further CO2 emission reduction by 20%. This brings 3 questions:

3. Where is the proof that emission of CO2 influences the climate? (besides the obvious calculation of costs, risks and benefits of attempted CO2 emission reduction, the climate model for the next 20 years that gave us the 20% number)

1. Shouldn't we put on balance also the costs and environmental risks of handling the disposed nuclear fuel for thousands of years?

2. The further 20% reduction plan does not account for the fact, that some countries have missed the Kyoto target, while some did more than required. Fair play?

Not asked: What influence on french politics has the fat nuclear industry lobby and will it receive contracts for new plants in Poland - we shall see.

I am afraid all this CO2 story is a huge bull game - bullying by bullshit.

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CO2 emissions

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