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Comment: Deaths Per Megawatt (Score 1) 657

by pinqkandi (#36378096) Attached to: Could the US Phase Out Nuclear Power?

Look at deaths/megawatt hour. Nuclear is much lower than coal, gas/oil, hydro, and wind. (Forget about solar). Sure nuclear makes the news more often, but it's because it's scarier. Just as the e. coli outbreak is terrifying people but less than 20 have died from it.

Forget the source on the deaths/megawatt, will look for it now.

+ - The Legality of Time Travel->

Submitted by pinqkandi
pinqkandi (189618) writes "The Library of Congress has released an article on the Legality of Time Travel. Not the Back to the Future time-space continuum adventure type, but how governments can effectively manipulate time and switch today with tomorrow, etc. An interesting read for anyone who has loved a good sci-fi time travel story."
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+ - Internet Acess When Traveling To China

Submitted by pinqkandi
pinqkandi (189618) writes "Like many fellow slashdotters, I live by my email and other internet based communication. In the next few weeks, I will be travelling to Beijing and Shenyang, China for a business trip. Having heard the stories of the "Great Firewall of China", do you have any tips or recommendations for travelling to China with my laptop and (hopefully) accessing the internet?"

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