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User Journal

Journal: My Slashdot design wishlist 2

Journal by pinkushun


[11/05/10] Password remembrance and in-page comment scroll search fixed. Thanks Slashdot!

[10/03/2011] It prompts to remember password if I log in via slashdot.org/my/login - fine. Searching comments seems fixed now: collapsed comments scroll while the expand link stays fixed.

[15/02/2011] Nothing new to report, just posting to show these items annoy me every time I log in
[28/01/2011] Added a bug list: When it breaks or hampers site experience


- searching for a word in a page (Ctrl+F) breaks collapsed comments layout, if the searched word is in a multi-line comment. The comment link to expand, disappears. [fixed]

- Previewing journal entries shows the old copy, not the edited copy.

- Chrome prompt to save password broken [fixed]


- login controls on the front page [fixed]

- see the comment poster, without having to expand the comment

- compact/slimline collapsed comments more (looks like when you zoom the page out, ctrl+-)

- Show children of a collapsed comment without having to expand it -- Qzukk

- cid = link expands all ancestors up to the linked comment so you can actually see it (optional if the first suggestion is done) -- Qzukk


Journal: Commit to Unix & Linux Stack Exchange Q&A Site

Journal by pinkushun

Update: The site has made it and is now in Private Beta :)

Full disclosure: The Stack Exchange Q&A site staging zone, Area51, has a Unix & Linux proposal I'm committed to. I'm promoting this proposal to get referral points, and to see this Q&A site succeed.
If you'd like to see this Q&A site succeed too, please commit using this link below, which will use me as a referrer.

Many Thanks :)

SE Proposal link with my referral code

PS: Want more info about the SE staging zone before committing? See the site FAQ

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them. -- Isaac Asimov