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Comment: Re:Pay versus billing rate. (Score 1) 234

by pigiron (#47162323) Attached to: Tech Worker Groups Boycott IBM, Infosys, Manpower

When did I ever say I was underpaid? I billed directly for years. Had to go through an intermediary once though. Since I was the one who found the position but the government agency with the work required that I bill through a third party I paid them 5% of the actual billing rate. 1099 right to my S-corp just like I was billing directly.

Comment: Re:Nativism (Score 2) 234

by pigiron (#47160407) Attached to: Tech Worker Groups Boycott IBM, Infosys, Manpower

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard it all before and it's really wearing thin. Thankfully most real Americans don't pay any attention to the alleged slur anymore despite its repetition at increasingly higher levels of hysteria. You can only cry wolf so many times. Oops, so sorry, that's no doubt a culturally biased reference! LOL

BTW, Asians are among the most racist and class conscious people on earth. The Japanese-Negro inter-racial marriage rate is approximately zero.

Comment: Re:The 111th explanation... (Score 1) 217

"you're a tobacco-style propagandist."

A total non-sequitur. So much for you ability to reason.

As for your ability to comprehend, this is two new and different insecticides and the study has a laughable dearth of data points. Go rant about your organic vegetable garden somewhere else. You're barking up the wrong tree with me.

Comment: Re:The 111th explanation... (Score 0) 217

When did I ever say insecticides were good for bees? The myriad previous explanations for colony collapse have always prominently included various insecticides as part of the reason. Which is what you should learn to do: reason (and learn to read what is actually written while you are at it.)

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