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Comment Re:Puzzling Paper (Score 1) 56 56

"Q. There's no BNF available. A. I'll publish it, it's just not on the website yet. We just went public, there's lots of work to still. Good suggestion!"

You do the BNF first dummy. You really should have just used Lisp if you want to create a domain specific language.

Comment Re:Too many white and Asian males (Score 0) 398 398

There are very, very, few blacks or mestizos that have the requisite minimum IQ (IMHO 130) to do effective IT work. Those slight few that do are quickly glommed on to by big corporations and immediately put on fast track executive management programs where schmoozing rather than hard work is the main requirement for success.

Comment Re:How much you got? (Score 1) 184 184

<i>"In other words, try spending as much on actually understanding your data and how it needs to be organized as you do on the thing you plan to store that data in."</i>

Yes and entity-relationaship modeling and a fully normalized logical data model are the tools used to do it in a rigorous fashion.

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