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+ - Reading technical PDFs with an ereader? 1

Submitted by pieisgood
pieisgood (841871) writes "Hi /. , last winter I received a Sony PRS600 ereader. I thought it was pretty neat, allowing me to bring multiple books where ever I go. I thought I could sit down and read any content I like, given it was in the right format. At first it was fun, recreational fiction, science fiction and other text only ebooks. These read perfectly, it really worked as advertised (it even had an on board functional library, sweet!). Unfortunately, I have other things to read for college classes and general technical interests. At first I thought I could get away with putting my math, programming, and other technical texts onto the reader. This idea was soon crushed as I found that zooming in on the document made the diagrams I was trying to read show up blank and increasing font size destroys any semblance of formatting the text once had (without increased size the text is nearly unreadable). My questions to the denizens of /. is this, are there any ereaders out there that can handle technical documents in PDF format? Or are there better ways of approaching this?"

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