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Comment Re:Minneapolis has no subway station crime (Score 1) 353

It does go through a tunnel and run under one of the airport terminals though.

As someone that uses that particular station regularly, I welcome our classical overlords and have noticed it being generally calmer than it had been over the summer. I do wonder if they've account for the fact that it's winter now and people aren't as inclined to just hang out in the sub-freezing temps. Time will tell, I suppose.

Comment Has anyone mentioned ad blocking yet? (Score 2, Informative) 142

Longtime Opera user here, continues to suit my needs, but the beta still needs a fair bit of work:

- The new Tab Stacks feature is almost what I've wanted for some time, needs some more depth to it (labelling, pinning, and loading sessions as stacks in particular), and to undo the wonkiness introduced to the tab bar behavior in general
- Nice to see Opera join the Extensions party, but slim pickings so far, need to see what gets developed for it to measure its worth.
- While the Mouse Gestures overhaul/visual feedback is a nice idea, it currently forces a much more rigid input of the gestures than what anyone seems to be used to.
Emulation (Games)

Submission Parallels 3.0 Announced, 3D graphics included->

99BottlesOfBeerInMyF writes: For some time now a lot of us having been waiting to see who managed to bring 3D graphics to a Windows emulation/virtualization solution. It looks like Parallels is going to be the winner. They announced today an RC of Parallels 3.0, the final to be available "in a few weeks." For anyone else tired of bootcamp or rebooting to play a Windows game, it look like the answer is finally here.

I'm not counting out VMWare entirely. Obviously it will depend on how soon they can catch up and the relative quality of the solutions, but there is some serious first-mover advantage here. There is also some speculation on the forums that Parallels is rushing this out in order to sell product before Apple steals their thunder with virtualization support in Leopard (but I think that a bit unlikely). In any case, it looks like one more roadblock for switchers has just been knocked down.

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