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Data Storage

Windows Home Directory Encryption? 121 121

An anonymous reader writes "Home directory encryption has been available on Linux for a while now, and it is definitely a smart, useful feature as it is not usually necessary to encrypt the entire drive, just the private documents and software profiles in the home directory. Windows is getting better about keeping everything that needs to be private in the user's home folder. Is there a similar solution for Windows to securely, and preferably transparently, encrypt the home directory only? (Preferably open source so that the code is available for peer review)."

Comment: Re:Sad to see them go (Score 1) 97 97

I'm aware of the reputation the IN9 32X-MAX has garnered, and I'm sure it may be deserved. However, I haven't had any issues with mine, and it is running like a champ. Though I've not gotten around to overclocking with it yet as I'm piecing together a watercooling setup and am still using the stock Intel cooler. I'm not expecting much of an overclock from it, but that's ok. This board will get me through for a while, then I'll look for something preferably in an Intel chipset.

Retailer Refuses Hardware Repair Due To Linux 1018 1018

Tikka writes "Today I visited PC World (London, UK) because my 5-month-old laptop has developed a manufacturing fault: the hinge to the display has started to crack the plastic casing. Anyone in the know will know that this is due to the joint inside, and it means that in time the screen will separate from the keyboard. Repair was refused, because I have Gentoo Linux on my laptop, replacing the Windows Vista that was pre-installed. PC World said that installing Linux had voided my warranty and there is nothing they will do for me. I spoke to a manager, who said that he has been told to refuse any repairs if the operating system has been changed. I feel this has really gone against my statutory rights and I will do everything I can to fight it. I will review comments for your advice."

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