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there is an adapter called an OTG cable. it's like a USB with a couple of wires/pins flipped.
you can make one out of a USB, but they are so cheap it's not worth it.
there are a number of Apps, I like DSLR Controller the best.
you'll need a canon or nikon dslr with live view. a T2i or newer is recomended.


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I use an android tablet to control and display timed exposures(or digitally zoom planetary objects) with my telescope/camera at star parties.
everyone always assumes it's an ipad.
ipad has become a generic term for a tablet.

the NFL thing is funny, but not surprising.

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by phrostie (#47743565) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Cheap But Reasonable Telescopes for Kids?

some of these guys have a remote setup like what you describe and would be better able to help you.

My setup is like I described. I have a converted 10" Dob on an Equatorial mount that I use for astrophotography.
It's not high end, but it does wonders on a budget.

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by phrostie (#47739825) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Cheap But Reasonable Telescopes for Kids?

Dobs in the 5" - 10" range are perfect.
I recommend 8-10.

when they out grow the Dob mount you can buy some rings and put them on an equatorial mount.
it gives you an upgrade path.

some good links:
great for comparing prices

AWB offers a great little scope for the price.

It's hard to beat a lot of their prices.

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by phrostie (#47672769) Attached to: Microsoft Black Tuesday Patches Bring Blue Screens of Death

maybe they should try letting people pick a level of code that they want to update to.

you could have the really overly tested stuff that doesn't break. we'll call this Stable.

then you could have the stuff that fixes the last problem, but might break something new. we'll call this Testing.

then you could have the bleeding edge stuff that you run just because you want the bragging rights of running some truly unstable shit. we'll call this Siri, Sydney or maybe Sid for short.

i'll bet M$ could even patent it.

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