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Comment Re:Tivo will do this already (Score 2) 153

We cut the cord 2 or 3 years ago, switching to an Internet-only package at a drastically reduced rate (compared to what we were originally paying). We try to keep the costs to around $ 80/mth, while getting more than 25 Mbps (currently 60 Mbps).

Every year, they offer us a triple-play package (basic cable + 1 or 2 channel packs, VoIP phone service, bump up a tier in Internet) for 6 months at no additional cost. We take it, mainly for the bump in Internet speed, and then cancel everything back to Internet-only after the 6 months is up. :)

We've done that 3 times now. And every time we cancel, we let them know it's because of the ridiculous pricing they charge for cable packages. Hoping they'll eventually get the message that their cable costs are driving customers away ... but not holding my breath. :D

Comment Re:Here is what works. (Score 1) 310

Garlic works wonders.

My Grandpa ate a clove of garlic every day, and never got sick (no colds, no flus, no pneumonia, no bronchitis, etc). The only ailment he got was the heart attack that killed him (but even that was mild in that he took a shower, walked into his bedroom, sat down on the bed, and just collapsed quietly and passed away).

When we have fresh garlic in the house, we try to munch on it while we're cooking dinner (even the kids). Makes those weeks much more pleasant (although our breath isn't). Then we tend to forget we have it, it goes bad, and we don't buy any for awhile.

I've heard the garlic pills help with the bad breath and burning, but aren't as effective as eating fresh garlic.

Comment Re:CO2 (Score 1) 90

Really? Because a lot of the styrofoam around here has the little recycle icon on it, with a number inside (usually 6 or 7 or something like that); and items with that icon and those numbers are accepted at the recycling depots around here.

Somehow, I don't think the recycle depots are taking in the styrofoam for free and just turning around and burning it.

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 588

Telus does something similar in the larger cities up here. They put in a new cell tower, but leave it powered off/disconnected. Wait a couple of months for the lawsuits and complaints to start pouring in, then reveal that nothing is running yet. All the complaints stop and lawsuits are thrown out. A little while after that, they turn the cell tower on, without telling anyone. Seems to have cut down on the amount of time wasted in the court system for them. :)

Comment Re:Why? What advantages does this have over ZFS? (Score 1) 132

No, with dedupe enabled, ZFS runs best with 1 GB of ARC space (including L2ARC) for every TB of unique data in a pool.

With dedupe turned off, all data is unique, but then you need less ARC to manage it.

We have a couple of 40 TB pools running with only 32 GB of RAM without issues.

We also have a couple 96 TB pools running with 128 GB of RAM; one even has dedupe enabled and runs without issues.

And I've run it at home on a P4 system with only 2GB if ram without issues. Nursing from raidz1 using 160G drives, to raidz1 with 250G drives, to multiple mirror vdevs with 500G drives. Then from 32-bit FreeBSD to 64-bit FreeBSD, and finally to 1T drives (4 GB RAM). That's also my home desktop, Plex server, file server, etc).

You don't *NEED* a lot of ram to run zfs. But it will run better if you can add more into a system.

Comment Re:Wifi saturation? (Score 1) 152

Flat Ethernet cables are very easy to push under baseboards without using any tools. I've wired up several rooms in our house using those without any issues. Currently only running 100 Mbps switches, but the cables will support gigabit (Cate5e and Cat6 are available in flat versions on

Comment Re:Wifi saturation? (Score 1) 152

Uhm, 802.11n most definitely works on the 2.4 GHz band. Supports up to 450 Mbps using 3 spatial streams.

It also supports the 5 GHz band, again for 450 MHz using 3 spatial streams. It's the bridge protocol between the two bands, with g only on 2.4 and ac only on 5 GHz.

Comment Re:Bad Management (Score 2) 152

In our schools, we turned off 802.11g (or lower) support (802.11n or better required) completely. Network utilization and efficiency jumped 30%. We had under 20 devices across the school district that couldn't connect after that.

We also upped the multicast rate to 22 Mbps. This forces devices to reconnect to closer APs and switch APs when wandering around the buildings.

Unfortunately, the local cable company has been putting their free WiFi hotspots around the city, with the ones around our schools using directional antennas ... pointed directly at our schools! Plus, we have apartment and townhouse complexes next to most of our secondaries, so our APs can detect 50+ home APs. :(

Comment Re:More spectrum? (Score 1) 152

Except that with 802.11ac using 180 MHz wide channels, there's (again) only 3 non-overlapping channels. :(

Thankfully, the enterprise APs are smart enough to automatically/dynamically changes channel-widths as interference levels change, so you can stuff 3-15 APs in an area without causing too many problems. Still can't get more than about 50-odd student devices onto a single radio, though.

Comment Re:"Other types of electromagnetic radiation" (Score 2) 529

Follow-up studies are needed to see if the colour of the LED makes a difference. Try with green (usually used to show "traffic"), orange (sometimes used to show "traffic", or "link speed"), and blue (annoyingly used on things that need to be on in the dark). Maybe to really mix things up, throw in some purple or yellow or white as well. :)

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