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Submission + - Nuclear NGO Calls for Closure of 17 Reactors->

phobos13013 writes: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission held a public meeting on Friday with nuclear activist group Beyond Nuclear in response to a petition calling for the closure of all Fukushima-type Boiling Water Reactors in the US. The petition calls for the closure of 24 reactors total at 17 locations (not all are power generation facilities) including the Oyster Creek facility, the oldest in the US, and the embattled Vermont Yankee facility. Archive video and audio of the meeting can be found at the NRC's website.
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Comment Tobermory Effect (Score 2) 181

Let be honest folks, this is just the next step in the information war. It has nothing to do with telling the "real" story or giving us any understanding of the issues wikileaks revealed. Instead it is just an attempt to make a circus sideshow out of a non-issue. Meanwhile the foot soldiers throw their potshots as evidenced on the replys at slashdot and around the web. Worse yet, if it becomes a box office bomb (which i easily envision) it becomes a "who cares about assange" issue. The free-market will have spoken on what is more important in the information war....

Submission + - Duke Nukem Project Officially Over

phobos13013 writes: The economic downturn has claimed another high profile project in the technology sector. "Reliable sources" have stated Video Game maker 3D Realms has run out of money and is shutting down. 3D Realms was set to release the highly anticipated Duke Nukem Forever and had released news up to a month ago that it was still forthcoming. There is much speculation whether the game actually exists; regardless, it seems the final chapter has been written. For now...

Comment Re:Linux helps you grow? (Score 1) 739

I cant say it helped me grow in terms of conceptual reasoning skills but it definitely breathed brand new life into my computing knowledge.

I am late to the party myself, I first ran into Linux about 2001 at the University of Florida in the astrophysics lab I worked at. The lab was making parts for the LIGO project which I was really happy to be a part of. They were using a version of SuSe (german lab manager :/) at the command line to calculate prorogation of laser modes through different lenses, etc.

I wasn't that into it.

About a year later a roommate of mine installed Mandrake on our hub computer to route the home network and since I was in-between computers at the time I used that terminal as my main computer. Thats when I started really getting into Linux.

About two years after that (after finishing school and having the time I wanted to commit to learning it) I tried my first install and as a glutton for punishment but thinking that Gentoo was the most suited distro for my liking (which it is) I picked up Gentoo 2004.0. I couldnt figure out that install for about four months. When I finally learned gentoo which really taught me a lot about computing and Linux in general I was hooked and I have been an avid Gentoo user since. This is really how Linux expanded my understanding of computing to the next level.

And no I am not Asian. And yes, I think Gentoo is the most underrated and underappreciated distro out there.

Since then I have tried about every distro but I also come home to Gentoo (altho my netbook these days has ubuntu on it for simplicity sake).


Comment Re:Thanks from the reminder (Score 1) 971

you have a very rigid way of thinking? Why do you think the problems that repeat have the same solution every century? We are in different times and so different solutions are needed. You could have said the same thing about Clinton coming into office actually, and he turned around an economy and provided needed services to our country. Obama could easily repeat that success; the question is can he come up with positive solutions, or use the same tired thinking that got us into the mess of the last eight years? My money is on he can do it.

United States

Submission + - NASA turns 50

phobos13013 writes: On this day in 1958, the United States Public L. 85-568, National Aeronautics and Space Act, was signed by President Eisenhower to create NASA. In the fifty years since its creation, NASA has made manned missions landing on the Moon, put a space station in orbit, launched numerous unmanned missions to the Moon, Mars, the solar system, and beyond, as well as launch reusable manned space crafts in orbit. Of course, there have been some tragedies including the loss of two manned space crafts and its crew as well as the loss of the Apollo 1 crew during a training mission. Although the future of the organization is in question, Americans, and the world, are looking forward to another fifty years of progress including a return trip to the Moon and an eventual manned mission to Mars.

Submission + - Towards an Eco-Friendly Fireworks Display->

phobos13013 writes: An article just in time for the fourth in the ACS's Chemical and Engineering News talks about the hazardous chemicals in modern fireworks displays. Perchlorate is currently the oxidizer of choice in fireworks but is also known to be a thyroid blocker; since perchlorates are easily water soluble anions, they dissolve into groundwater quickly. A study performed last summer over a lake in Ada, Oklahoma showed that in less than a day from the fireworks display, chlorate levels in the lake jumper over 1,000 ppm of their baseline concentration. Subsequently, it took weeks for the levels to drop back down to their baseline. On the other hand, heavy metals are used to produce the pretty colors typically associated with the best fireworks. The trend is to start using nitrogen-based oxidizing fireworks, they produce less smoke which means less colorizing agents can be used in displays.

Since C&EN is a subscription-based magazine, the article will likely only be available for a few weeks, a condensed article is available at Science Daily.

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Submission + - North Pole Ice on Track to Melt by September

phobos13013 writes: Recent evidence released is showing the North Pole ice is melting at the highest rate ever recorded. As a result, the Pole may be completely ice-free at the surface and composed of nothing by open water by September. As reported in September of last year, the Northwest Passage was ice-free for the first time known to man. The implications of this, as well as the causes, are still being debated. Are global warming experts just short-sighted alarmists? Are we heading for a global ice age? Or is the increase in global mean temperature having an effect on our planet?

Submission + - Streams Tracks in Deal With Music Industry

phobos13013 writes: The music-oriented social networking site announced yesterday that users will be able to listen to numerous full length tracks and albums for a limited time mostly from the four major labels as well as over 150,000 indie labels in a deal brokered in response to the royalty hike last May. Also, the site is offering direct royalties to artists who want to upload their own music. Once the beta testing is over an unlimited listening plan under a new subscription scheme will be offered by the site. is owned by CBS Corporation.
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Submission + - US Dirty Bomb Drill Finds Flaws in Preparedness

phobos13013 writes: The TOPOFF-4 Dirty Bomb Excercise was performed by the US Homeland Security Department last week. The scenario consisted of three radiological IEDs being detonated in two US cities and in Guam simultaneously. According to a hearing held by the Congressional Committee on Science and Technology this week the testing capabilities for radiological assessment of the nation's laboratory network would require approximately four years to completely characterize a disaster of this scale.

Submission + - Death of the Greenphone

phobos13013 writes: Trolltech announced this week that they will discontinue development on their Greenphone platform. The Greenphone was advertised to be the first phone with a user-modifiable environment. Trolltech CTO, Benoit Schilling, stated that they are not really a hardware company and so will focus it's efforts on FIC's Neo 1973, now available. However, FTA, a future wifi-enabled endeavor (possibly a VOIP phone) was hinted at by Schilling.

Submission + - Shutdown

phobos13013 writes: Popular, invite-only, bittorrent site (formerly has been shut down by British police. Supposedly, investigations into the estimated 180,000 users are being considered. This shutdown is fast on the heels of the popular shutdown. Seems the British authorities have been very busy recently and may well be in the future with this round of arrests; however, it is unclear what if any legal repercussions will ensue from the sites' admins or users.

Submission + - Captain America Returns

phobos13013 writes: As written in previous slashdot posts, Captain America is dead and buried. But this week, it has been revealed that Captain America will return, sort of. Apparently, it is not Captain America's alter-ego, Steve Rogers; however, a new incarnation will return, and animator Alex Ross and writer Ed Brubaker will be the creative force behind the new storyline. This news comes to the relief of some, with a few suggestions on how to proceed.

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