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Comment: IBM and their customers fault (Score 1) 102

by phizman (#40669459) Attached to: City's IT Infrastructure Brought To Its Knees By Data Center Outage
Yes Shaw had an issue and there was some local neighbourhood services related to Shaw went down, but more to blame for the large outages is IBM for housing redundant systems in the same building or the government customers for buying a less than adequate redundancy solution. Always ask for a physical diagram in addition to the logical diagram :)

Comment: Re:So Americans Who Sympathize With Cuba... (Score 1) 525

by phizman (#22660272) Attached to: Domains Blocked By US Treasury 'Blacklist'
What about the assets in all the countries that the US has invaded? Destroy cities, give "rebuilding" contracts to US companies, then now you have a new US assets! You think they are given back for free? Cuba saying get out was a far nicer approach then the US carries on elsewhere.

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