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Comment: outdoing each other? (Score 1) 208

by phizi0n (#49394669) Attached to: Comcast Planning 2Gbps Service, Starting With Atlanta

Last time I checked ISP's in the US aren't competing to out-do each other at all in most markets. A few places have fiber and catch internet headlines but most don't. The phone companies are sticking to slow 20mbps ADSL2+ tech while the cable companies put the fiber a little closer to you so that they can offer 100mbps service but the cable internet fees are ridiculous from top to bottom.

I actually have worse speeds than I did 15 years ago because of my distance from the CO but at least my ISP (Sonic) is one that won't hand out my info to anyone that asks. Sonic has been rolling out fiber in a few markets over the past years and has incredibly affordable rates for fiber ($40/mo 1gbps with no hookup fee or "free" 5mbps if you pay a $300ish hookup fee) but their ADSL2+ speeds are limited by your distance to the CO since that is the closest they put their DSLAMS to you.

Comment: Re:Also.. (Score 1) 328

by phizi0n (#48698925) Attached to: Is the Tablet Market In Outright Collapse? Data Suggests Yes

4 year old top end smartphones are worse than today's $100 no contract phones. Smartphones have evolved rapidly and are just now starting to slow down. 4 years ago you got low resolution screens, single core CPU's, GPU's that could barely draw 3D at all and struggled at 2D, low RAM, low rez cameras with poor picture quality, 3G internet, small batteries... My 4 yr old tmobile g2 struggled to do most everything but my 1 yr old moto g takes anything I throw at it.

Comment: Re:The wireless router is the bottleneck. (Score 1) 110

by phizi0n (#48669479) Attached to: US Internet Offers 10Gbps Fiber In Minneapolis

Even if you saturated the available 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum you'd be lucky to even come close to 1gbps total throughput for all the wireless devices with 2 AP's and that would mostly come from 802.11ac devices on 5GHz.

The pfsense box would presumably be your router so it wouldn't be using any bandwidth itself. If you're trying to say it would be acting as a server then your ISP would have a talk with you if it used any significant traffic.

So that leaves the main computer which isn't going to get 9Gbps from anywhere accept maybe torrents but again they will likely have a problem if you leave it saturated for long.

Residential fiber still comes with typical residential restrictions. Even 1gbps residential connections are sold under the expectation that it will be dormant the majority of time but that when you do use it you will be able to burst as high as the server will provide in most cases.

Comment: Re:How fast is just too fast? (Score 2) 110

by phizi0n (#48669265) Attached to: US Internet Offers 10Gbps Fiber In Minneapolis

Most top websites are just running large arrays of cheap hardware behind load balancers and the majority of websites are on shared/virtual hosting. The problem with ultra-fast residential connections is that most servers can't saturate it.

Assuming that you connect to servers that can saturate it, SATA3 is only 6Gbps so it would actually have more throughput than a typical SSD but your latency would be much higher.

Comment: Re:They do have one advantage (Score 2) 232

by phizi0n (#48668647) Attached to: Should Video Games Be In the Olympics?

If we play a match of FIFA 2015 there will be absolutely no question as to who the winner is.

Really? What happens if they encounter a bug in the game, especially one previously unknown publicly? What happens if there is a technical problem (mouse stops working, blue screen, fried GPU, etc.)? Even in esports there are circumstances where a person has to make a judgement call. They try their best to reduce those situations with clearly defined rules but when they try to be perfectly strict like KeSPA did in the past then it causes resentment from fans and players alike for being too unreasonable.

Comment: Re:Thus, they fully admit (Score 2) 20

by phizi0n (#48622537) Attached to: Google Strikes Deal With Verizon To Reduce Patent Troll Suits

Why do I always lose mod points just when I want to actually use them...

That patents are hindering innovation.

It only hinders innovation at companies too small to make these deals. Remember that next time you hear we need patents to protect the mythical lone inventor.

This is so true. Large companies cross license all the time just to end silly patent wars between each other and then sue the shit out of all the small guys or buy them up. When companies reach certain sizes they do whatever they want, if they get told it's illegal then they just change the laws but they don't get punished.

Comment: Update way worse than described. (Score 2) 230

by phizi0n (#48596675) Attached to: Forbes Blasts Latests Windows 7 Patch as Malware

Pretty much anything that needed elevated privileges would fail to run even if you were running on an admin account and gave UAC permission. Even my TV recordings failed while the update was applied and at first I thought it was my video driver update that I did just before manually allowing windows update to install the patch. Because I had manually installed it, I did not automatically get the removal patch and had no idea wtf was going on until I dug through several posts about driver installation problems (that I did not have) to finally find that it was wrecking far more than just driver installation.

Comment: Re:BPG natively supports 8 to 14 bits per channel (Score 2) 377

by phizi0n (#48571297) Attached to: Bellard Creates New Image Format To Replace JPEG

Higher encoded bit depths can actually lower file size at a given quality or increase quality at a given filesize regardless if you are outputting at a lower depth.
TLDR: Even though the dit depth is higher, it allows for more of the junk information to be thrown out while keeping more of the important data.

Blocking and banding are very problematic in JPEG and the easiest way to fix it is to just raise the bit depth which is probably why they added 12bit to JPEG 9.1 earlier this year.

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