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Comment Re:Feminist vs egalitarian (Score 1) 555 555

If infinite money exists, but right now I have $50 and you have $30, egalitarianism says you should get $20 more.

Infinite money does not exist. So if I have $50, and you have $30, I would have to give you $10. Which isn't equal for me, because you get $10, and I lose $10. I lose. Why should I have to lose?

Of course, civil rights aren't money. Which is why the idea of egalitarianism seems sound. But when the exercise of equality influences the course of zero-sum decisions (like money decisions), the idea of egalitarianism doesn't work. Whoever already has more wins.

Last time I checked, infinite money has existed ever since we stopped backing it with finite resources (gold, silver, etc.). Now we have governments printing as much as they like and banks that are "too big to fail" that are allowed to gamble with our 1's and 0's however they choose all the while knowing that there will be no repercussions for failure.

Comment Re:Fortunately (Score 1) 212 212

Even 15 years ago my high school tech/engineering teacher (taught a variety of classes) was giving extra credit to anyone who could get another girl into any of his classes. The classes went from small 15ish people classes with a only couple girls to 25-30 people with half them female. Tech started out rather gender neutral in the 70's and the education side has been trying desperately to fill the gap ever since it appeared.

The real problem is that tech companies have been abusing their employees for so long. They hire the most desperate cheap labor and that will put up with being overworked, often without extra pay, which are mostly young men and foreigners. It doesn't matter that they are male, it just matters that they will work as much overtime that you throw at them. That has created the stigma throughout society that you have to be a basement dweller to be in tech and females want to be social so it drives them away at an early age. The few that stay are then subjected to all the other shit that comes from being in a gender unequal field but the root cause is that tech workers don't fight for better working conditions.

Comment Re:sigh... (Score 3, Insightful) 940 940

If Rolls Royce hadn't been bailed out then their competitors could have bought up their assets and flourished as well. Let companies fail and let the market respond properly. British Leyand's ultimate fate is how a free market is supposed to work - companies fail, competitors benefit from that failure.

Comment outdoing each other? (Score 1) 208 208

Last time I checked ISP's in the US aren't competing to out-do each other at all in most markets. A few places have fiber and catch internet headlines but most don't. The phone companies are sticking to slow 20mbps ADSL2+ tech while the cable companies put the fiber a little closer to you so that they can offer 100mbps service but the cable internet fees are ridiculous from top to bottom.

I actually have worse speeds than I did 15 years ago because of my distance from the CO but at least my ISP (Sonic) is one that won't hand out my info to anyone that asks. Sonic has been rolling out fiber in a few markets over the past years and has incredibly affordable rates for fiber ($40/mo 1gbps with no hookup fee or "free" 5mbps if you pay a $300ish hookup fee) but their ADSL2+ speeds are limited by your distance to the CO since that is the closest they put their DSLAMS to you.

Comment Re:Also.. (Score 1) 328 328

4 year old top end smartphones are worse than today's $100 no contract phones. Smartphones have evolved rapidly and are just now starting to slow down. 4 years ago you got low resolution screens, single core CPU's, GPU's that could barely draw 3D at all and struggled at 2D, low RAM, low rez cameras with poor picture quality, 3G internet, small batteries... My 4 yr old tmobile g2 struggled to do most everything but my 1 yr old moto g takes anything I throw at it.

Comment Re:The wireless router is the bottleneck. (Score 1) 110 110

Even if you saturated the available 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum you'd be lucky to even come close to 1gbps total throughput for all the wireless devices with 2 AP's and that would mostly come from 802.11ac devices on 5GHz.

The pfsense box would presumably be your router so it wouldn't be using any bandwidth itself. If you're trying to say it would be acting as a server then your ISP would have a talk with you if it used any significant traffic.

So that leaves the main computer which isn't going to get 9Gbps from anywhere accept maybe torrents but again they will likely have a problem if you leave it saturated for long.

Residential fiber still comes with typical residential restrictions. Even 1gbps residential connections are sold under the expectation that it will be dormant the majority of time but that when you do use it you will be able to burst as high as the server will provide in most cases.

Comment Re:How fast is just too fast? (Score 2) 110 110

Most top websites are just running large arrays of cheap hardware behind load balancers and the majority of websites are on shared/virtual hosting. The problem with ultra-fast residential connections is that most servers can't saturate it.

Assuming that you connect to servers that can saturate it, SATA3 is only 6Gbps so it would actually have more throughput than a typical SSD but your latency would be much higher.

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