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Comment: Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 252

by phizi0n (#47421441) Attached to: Dubai's Climate-Controlled Dome City Is a Dystopia Waiting To Happen

I'm missing the part where something in Dubai is waiting to be a dystopia...

What do you mean "waiting to be".

For most of the Indian and Filipino "guest workers" it already is.

That is kind of the point. The article is titled "Dubai's Climate-Controlled Dome City Is a Dystopia Waiting To Happen" and Shoten is saying that everything about Dubai already is one.

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by phizi0n (#47412761) Attached to: All Web Developers Should Have Access to a Device Lab (Video)

The idea isn't that every Web designer in the world should have his or her own wall of screens, but that you and other people who make sites and games and such might collaborate on setting up a group of displays that includes some of the most popular OSes, browsers, and device form factors.

I did not even imply anything about it being a personal collection. My point was that most of the layout specific problems can be easily seen without ever touching a device beyond your work PC. Mobile app devs need device labs way more than web devs do but this article is targeted at web devs not app devs.

Comment: Responsive Design Mode (Score 1) 58

by phizi0n (#47412143) Attached to: All Web Developers Should Have Access to a Device Lab (Video)

Every modern desktop browser has a way to view responsive design easily so you don't need a wall full of screens of different sizes and orientations, all you really need is a few mobile devices running various OS versions and a PC full of VM's so that you can catch platform specific bugs.

Comment: Re:enforce existing laws? (Score 1) 490

Around here cyclists have a sense of entitlement. You can be sitting in your car, at a red light and watch cars and cyclists cross in front of you. When their light turns red and your light turns green, the cars will stop but the cyclists will keep crossing in spite of the red... So you and 100 other cars are sitting at a green light waiting for the stream of cyclists to stop... I've been at the front and started to creep through the green in hopes of signalling that maybe their turn is over... The result is a nice finger gesture...

In California at least, entering the intersection without room to clear it is illegal. AFAIK it's a pretty universal law so although they likely violated the law, you probably did as well. By entering the intersection you are blocking traffic in another direction and compounding the problem.

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by phizi0n (#46953827) Attached to: In SF: an App For Auctioning Off Your Public Parking Spot

As an LA resident, I can confirm that parking isn't any fucking easier here than in SFO. We might have wider streets, but everyone still insists on having a car. Seriously, people *move* just so they can have a better chance of parking. I live in K-Town, and it's all street parking in my neighborhood and on some nights, my gf has to park a quarter-mile/half-mile away, especially if a club is having an event.

SFO is an airport not a city.

Comment: Don't block it, QoS it. (Score 5, Interesting) 159

by phizi0n (#45741599) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Managing Device-Upgrade Bandwidth Use?

There's no reason to avoid using your bandwidth when you can use QoS to deprioritize it so that they can still update any time the bandwidth is available. Most any linux router can do this with tc and iptables, or sometimes with less configurability through their GUI's.

At home you have control over the devices and can just disable them from automatically updating.

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by phizi0n (#44891921) Attached to: <em>GTA V</em> Makes $800 Million In 24 Hours

You can have a refined, bug-free, well-performing PC release after the console versions are done, or you can have a crappy, poorly optimised version day-and-date with the console release, but you can't have both. Rockstar North favour the former.

How do you explain GTA4? It was delayed a year and performed like shit on PC when it was released. GTA was originally a PC game and they have been treating PC as a second class citizen lately.

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