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Comment: Re:Wanting what you cannot have (Score 1) 211 211

That is pretty much what they tried to do though, and the thing is they simply could not do it. I do not understand the reasons why exactly, but it's not like Nokia did not see this same fact and try.

Too many managers managing away at too many units each doing their own thing. As Apple have shown, the best way to get anywhere is to have one man who has veto power and a sense of where he wants to take the product. I think this is what Elop - love him or hate him - is bringing to the table. He's taking Nokia down the WP path, and while it might not be the Meego path we'd like at least they're no longer a company developing 2 operating systems with neither going anywhere.

Comment: Too many cooks spoiling the broth (Score 5, Insightful) 336 336

The only thing Nokia needs to ditch is the bureaucracy. It has way too many divisions each wanting to keep features to themselves. They need to combine their E and N series and have a total of no more that 3 smartphones - entry-, mid- and highlevel. They could go up to 6 models if they offer each of the 3 variants with either touch or touch/slide keyboard, but no more than that. They have to many differing visions because of their different devisions. Having one person in charge is essentially the only way to go, since it gets rid of the in-fighting which is currently sinking them. If you want proof, just look to Apple. One gigantic asshole running the show and in 4 years they've turned themselves into the standard the old guard are playing catch-up to.

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