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Comment Re:Everybody has to believe in something (Score 1) 572

While I agree with what you are saying. find that this guys action were done with improper customer timing. IF ( and it's a big if ) the current user base Paid for the software, then he should not ban them ( the bought it ), But he should stick to his core beliefs and ban those which he feels are doing him harm.

Now I want to get tricky, I am rather sure that if he tried this in the USA, he would be in the courts already. I don't think we are legally capable of stopping a purchase within the USA ( unless of course it has some encryption or state secret attached to it or the USA said we can not trade with them ) .

Comment Re:Reasons I'm not a judge. (Score 1) 331

Wow, valid points.
I'm 48 so I think i might have mellowed a bit more
Now 10 years of prison is a bit harsh,
3 month of some sort of prison life ( in the USA, jail is local, prison is where it's real bad ), secure but tough love
3 month of jail, again secure but tough love
1.5 years in some sort of outdoor, farming / labor jail type place. Where education with work ethic is taught
3 years of community service with some sort discovered skill set that he discovers in himself and shares with the community should appropriate.
and to physically meet each victim and apologize.

I don't know if my beliefs in changing someone is valid, but given the opportunity to change a youths' life for the better might be the highest risk/reward I can think of.

Comment Re: Hillary Clinton says: (Score 2) 271

That is the best response I have seen in a long time.
let me say why:
( all of this is my view and communicates properly to my style of trying to understand, also I suck at grammar so good writing is impressing to me )

a) re-asserted the right of innocent until proven guilty, not only to the HC but the party she had to defend. ( something which is very important to me )
b) proved a point of; she had a job, she was required to do it, then did it ( don't know the outcome but she did it).
c) added humor ( my perception ) with style, told the person to research the facts before stating something dumb and learn more before you vote.

Thank you, and I hope you have helped others whom get the chance to read, to become smarter

Comment Re:GMOs have so many different problems (Score 1) 188

While I will respect what you are saying. I believe you are speaking outside the scope of the thread.
the metric in question is : if I spend money doing R&D, and make a discovery, can I protect it and have a return on my investment.

In reference to what you are speaking : patent judgement is to secure the idea, nothing about the revenue model is discusses. While I can not cite the old source, I believe many ideas in the early 1820's to 1860's that were patented, expired to public domain, only to become useable in the 1880 onwards when manufacturing was capable of producing the item's. I wish I had an example of this but I don't recall it right now

Comment What I think most people are not seeing .... (Score 1) 333

I love to study history, and I think we are in for some historic changes in the next 40 years.
the biggest change to happen is Efficiency happening to the normal people whom are not rich.

UBER is a great example, taxis are needed, but the business model that had worked is no longer
really valid for the future, so a new and efficient mode is happening. over time UBER like structures
have to/should happen and when they do, the new model will be well regulated.

Happened when ships went from sail to steam, but the longest routes were still sail, into the late
1800 early 1900, last of the sails designs were called windjammers.

again it's happening now in the shipping business... huge vessels, stuff I could never dream of
are now on the water, all in the name of efficiency.

I would not be surprised if ubers next business model would be to sell taxi fleet management
to cities.

Comment Re:Infinity (Score 2) 1067

While I will respect the idea the you think this is the dumbest question in a while, It's does show what people are feeling and being frustrated by. And what I have found great about Slashdot is some of the more creative reply's. I am looking forward to this.

Personally, I think, clean code with check's and filters makes for better programs, but today's behavior seems to indicate that product needs to be out the door ASAP or you are out the door ASAP. so sloppy code consistently comes forth.

Comment Re:Marijuana should be legalized (Score 1) 132

Good summary. with that said, both booze and pot should not be consumed if you are going to drive. just a flat restriction. easier solution.
with the future advent of driver-less cars, I expect the bars to be packed, and happy high people to make it home safe.

Comment Re:Marijuana should be legalized (Score 1) 132

Hi maybe a solution to your "private street":
A) confirm that it's yours, does the association have title to the land ???
B) upon confirmation, file for permits that you can place gates. ( you know that if an accident happens, your association get's a lawsuit )
C) place the gates up

Problem almost solved :

D) get ready for lawsuits because of gates
E) settle with the town for service under contract, non performance of contract, gates back up again

Almost done :

F) Audit the services under the contract
E) wait till they fail
G) then upon failure apply to be a toll road.

Comment Re:Kind of half-assed... (Score 1) 180

"The best, and definitely the most enjoyable, primer on the potential for abuse of the TPP (based on abuse of previously negotiated similar trade agreements) and the underhanded way it's being negotiated, is probably John Oliver's segment on it."

That link now goes to a video of Oliver's discussing Big Tobacco.

Doing a search on YouTube for "John Oliver t" auto-fills with "John Oliver Trans Pacific Partnership" as third, leading me to the conclusion that quite a few people are searching for that video--which is now GONE, from what I can tell.

Google moves fast!

Comment and this is why i love science (Score 1) 265

it's stuff like this that makes science interesting and fun.

see something odd ball happening,
test, test, and test again to make sure it's happening,
tell everyone that you are seeing this,
let them test it to...

someone's bound to figure out why, and they
get the co-explanation.

someone else get's to figure out how to use it,
everyone wins.

Comment Re:Quothe the raven, "Forevermore". (Score 1) 205

besides the thank you ... ( which I did as a separate item )
here is an observation that might help ...
odd but interesting ...

rainy days people pick up the phone more, over 1000 calls made to location where it was raining and way over 3000 phone calls where it was sunny, of those 4000 calls 100 picked up in the rain, and only 60 picked up in sunny.

I've now been testing this out for positive or negative experience ( I'm a realtor by trade, so cold calling is important when I place a new property on the market and want to tell everyone ) . the goal is to figure out if more people will show up on an open house if I call while it's type raining day or sunny day. not enough data yet to confirm if it matters

I have no clue how to test this with text messages, but the results should be interesting when focused on the under 40 age group.

so if you want to get a hold of someone for an important conversation, call while it's raining at the destination.

another weird and wonderful idea: I am trying to learn how to create a small ( tiny as in cigarette pack size ) weather station, that can give me Barometric Pressure, Luminous intensity, wind direction+speed, temp, humidity and ( most important ) transmit it twitter every 10 seconds. trying make this all into a kit costing $50 to $60 ( I got it down to $293 and 10" x 10" x 18") to give away to high schools, What I think is the fun part, when there is 200 data location transmitting ( all locally ), and the data posted publicly in twitter with a known location, we could discover how a tornado forms or what to look out for. with 25000 high schools in the USA, I bet a lot of data could be produced that someone could use and find out cool stuff.

ok and this is so weird that it could be considered crazy:
say no to wind energy, because the velocity of the wind entering the blades does not equal the same when it exits. so over the long term, wind is not reaching the normal destination at the same speed or coolness. just thinking so way out that it could be right.

and I don't kneed someone to slob my knob, just share an idea, weird and fun, we all get a chance to make a positive change to the world

Going the speed of light is bad for your age.