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Comment: Re:The intertubes (Score 1) 310

by onepoint (#49787955) Attached to: Adblock Plus Victorious Again In Court

did you ever really study the internet... and how public funding works?
Arpanet ( which I still recall using ) was a simple packet network,
shared lines between universities and some military computers ( I think )
public paid for the lines, but the hardware was built by the geeks in the lab

Public funding... apply for a grant, then you'll really see what and how grant money works
the idea for grants is to make a problem more manageable or new solution of efficiency or come up with something new ( like darpa asks )
it's all for the greater good. happens to be that the creator of the solution get's to make money off it. and consumer get the discount.

think about it, many new traffic algorithms are being developed due to research done 10 or 20 years ago and published in journals

Comment: Re:side note off topic Re:That's not a security mo (Score 1) 135

by onepoint (#49663223) Attached to: Dropbox Moves Accounts Outside North America To Ireland

Hi Again,
While yes out at black and in at blue, that's a huge spread and just tooo much of a legal nightmare ... so I would stick to blue. ....
No it's Porsche, My client set up the trade a few years back. ....

now if you want a mystery to research
look a the Iron Mountain fire in BA that happened I think about 18 months ago ...
hmmm does the state know that IM copy documents for it's clients in multiple locations LOL

Comment: Re:Fired! (Score 4, Interesting) 353

I wish I had mod points to give you more boost.
first thing I said was "holy shit"
then I was after reading, No way....

I can not believe what I read, but your advice is solid,
go independent and consult and try to keep the
IP rights.

as a past employer, I never let any consultant keep
the IP rights. but I bet their are suckers

Just look what happened to Hoboken NJ when they did not
renew the software license for the automated parking garage
it stopped working
funniest thing ever

Comment: Re:side note off topic Re:That's not a security mo (Score 1) 135

by onepoint (#49657827) Attached to: Dropbox Moves Accounts Outside North America To Ireland

Well that was well written...
But more to the point.
YouTube has a lot of it's own fiber, so it makes sense that the services for ad revenue balance out.

Netflix ... hahaha you just made me laugh.... did you not read the nightmare ???
I have weird views on this entire issue and I respect sides of it so let me vent it out.

the business view is that comcast want's to make money ( and that is a legal mandate of a for profit business ). the subscription model they sell is known as a yield management model, maximize the return for keeping the pipe full.
Netflix model is, get as many people on the pipe and screw the comcast model ( don't go into the box at the hub crap )

comcast sells some cheap transit and netflix bought it from 3rd party.
comcast delivers something to the consumer under the contract it provides, otherwise class action lawsuits would be all over and the model would fail

comcast owns the pipes and the speed which it will deliver it, netflix would love to fill that pipe, and to do so it would have to pay more. Netflix won't pay, and comcast won't deliver. the market will decide in time whom will win.

I think netflix will win in the long run ... ....
Argentina ... how the heck can I legally get money out of the country at the blue rate and not the bank rate. and with the way that country is going, how soon does it become another Venezuela ( which I hope that would never happen, I want to visit soon ) .
that's why brazil is a better investment option at this time, money flow is legal, while if I want to do anything in Argentina I'm screwed. do you know how Porsche transfers it's profits out of BA??? they have to trade the profits with alcohol producers and export it out of BA ... too much work.

things should get better in 14 to 16 months, then performance will improve.

Comment: side note off topic Re:That's not a security move (Score 1) 135

by onepoint (#49653461) Attached to: Dropbox Moves Accounts Outside North America To Ireland

your transit delays are based on multiple problem of not only the pipes
A) Argentine traffic is somewhat capped and multiple companies are trying to Cache locally to keep bandwidth down
B) peering is a huge issue withing all the countries of latin america, it's slightly off balance in general to USA
C) cell phone tech is hindering this, more demand from latin america to learn about the world than the world wanting to learn about latin america ( traffic flow wise )

all these issue are being fixed, just requires more infra-structure investments

your only trans-atlantic pipe is the Atlantis

Comment: Re:EEO bullshit (Score 1) 553

by onepoint (#49614053) Attached to: Recruiters Use 'Digital Native' As Code For 'No Old Folks'

No not really, it protect older people that can outcode most people.
problem is that youthful coders are not willing to stand up to management
and say, hey fucker, 40 hours is what you pay me for and that's what you

and productivity ... older coders know how it works cleanly and can deliver
lower bugs. clean code is hard to come by on first development

"It is better to have tried and failed than to have failed to try, but the result's the same." - Mike Dennison