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Comment HTML5 is it (Score 1) 93 93

I feel like this term HMTL5 is misleading - its a codec war between h.264 and vp8. Google threw down with buying On2 and open sourcing it to escape paying for h.264 which microsoft owns. It's inside the webm container with vorbis which is under rapid adoption.

Adobe still has its clutches on flash, and its premiere which refuse to support it officially, same with apple. But lets take a look at what does support it. Wow, only apple and IE, fancy that.

Adding to the fact imgur and 'gfycat' try and fence sit by creating a wrapper and container both an mp4 and webm file with the latter offering a baseline profile on their h.264 inside the mp4 for wider support and imgur shitting the bed.
The multiple amounts of profiles available for h.264 might create better quality/size comparisons on benchmarks with vp8 but does the codec a disservice when trying to become a standard. Plus, its still licensed code.

Comment Re:America = snowball (Score 1) 126 126

Good news, physical exertions are majority used to build muscle(including smooth muscle of your heart).

You can't blame a lack of physical activity when the average BMR(sitting in bed all day) is 6500kj(1550~kcal) and the average recommend dietary intake is 7500kj(1800~ kcal). So bodyheat is claiming the vast majority of every human beings energy output, keeping us at 37c.

During exercise, a well known a side effect is heat generation, this increases the efficiency of that output. Cardiovascular exercise is lauded because doctors the world over read the number of deaths caused by heart disease, something which is cut by at least 50% with regular heart pumping activity.

So whats the main problem? The walls between 'entertainment' and 'food consumption' are being crumbled, thats all. If you're finding food to be your main activity, you're definitely gaining weight. Look at artists those fuckers are poles and its not just all the meth, they barely eat.

Comment Govermental oversight (Score 2) 343 343

Just like water and power, internet needs regulation on a governmental level; a service utility provided at a fixed wholesale cost which the government
takes its share to maintain a standard contention ratio that ISPs can retail their services on top of.

Connectivity should not be left in the hands of corporations with shareholders to please.

Comment As an aussie (Score 1) 213 213

I agree with him. Those areas he mentioned are north of bumfuck egypt and have absolutely no value whatsoever.

Even if you were to build a bigass tower for collected solar power the distances are so great the transmission losses, even with stepping down the amps/increasing volts wouldnt be worth doing.

All-in-Ones Finally Grow Up, With Fast Graphics, SSDs, and CPUs 211 211

MojoKid writes "Historically, all-in-one desktop systems like the iMac, HP's TouchSmart and similar designs that incorporate a full system on the backside of a monitor, haven't offered performance that was competitive to their full-sized desktop counterparts. Part of the reason is that many of these systems are comprised of low power notebook platform PC components inside thin chassis designs with minimal airflow. However, as mobile platforms have become more powerful, so has the all-in-one PC. Dell's recently launched XPS 27 Touch, with Intel's Haswell mobile processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M on board, is an example of a new breed of AIO hitting the market now. The system is based on a 27-inch panel with 2TB of storage, a 32GB SSD cache drive, 8GB of RAM and performance in the benchmarks that keeps pace with average midrange full-sized desktops. You can even game on the machine with frame rates at the panel's 1080p native resolution with medium to high image quality. It's almost like the all-in-one finally grew up."

Comment Re:Forget ratings, measure ROI. (Score 1) 302 302

True, but it is quantitative which allows for a better measurement of how well the course material is delivered which rises the qualitative 'status' of the institution.

And if its status or reputation is high then its overall perception value is higher regardless of how it tries to game the ratings.

If graphics hackers are so smart, why can't they get the bugs out of fresh paint?