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Comment: Re:NEWS: Law enforcement officers doing actual job (Score 5, Insightful) 92

by philip.paradis (#47755185) Attached to: Early Bitcoin User Interviewed By Federal Officers

If you had any sense, you'd understand that regardless of the reason(s) you've found yourself interacting with the police, the only sensible course of action would be to have all communications handled by your lawyer(s). Don't worry, you're far from alone in your lack of sense, and that is precisely why fairly rudimentary law enforcement pressure (rightly or wrongly) works as often as it does.

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by philip.paradis (#47746129) Attached to: UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

I'll repeat the note that I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice. Failure to consent to participation in a production does not imply assignment of copyright. Perhaps you were thinking of case law involving works produced for hire; I'm confident the victim didn't pay to have his own execution rendered to video, unless you count paying with his life. Perhaps I'm missing something here and his estate will come forward with a claim for financial damages on grounds of copyright, though. Should such a claim arise, I'd be keenly interested to see learn of their intended collection mechanism.

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by philip.paradis (#47728917) Attached to: UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

We know where you live.

I certainly hope so; I'd have to rate you as severely cognitively impaired otherwise. Please be advised that I'm a former service member and a firm believer in the exercise of second amendment rights. Have a great day, and if you're thinking of coming to visit, enjoy your flight!

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I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice. It would seem that unless ISIS initiates content removal requests, the media in question would not be subject to ordinary reproduction restrictions, as it was released for public distribution by ISIS. This said, I urge you to consult competent legal counsel regarding jurisdictional considerations.

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by philip.paradis (#47728771) Attached to: UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

It's not him silly, it's "the people of the UK", who are you to claim immunity from the democratic will of society, where does this immunity end?

I don't care about relevant rules/restrictions/regulations/laws adhered to the by people the UK in matters such as this; that's largely my point. My immunity starts where their jurisdiction stops.

Your overreacting to something the head cop said "could" be considered illegal. I think if you dig a bit deeper than the click bait headline you'll find his real message was more along the lines of - "Yes we all know it's shocking, but please stop reacting as intended by those who perpetrated this act". There's also a cultural difference in the way the UK justice system operates, as a general rule UK public prosecutors are nowhere near as eager to be associated with frivolous convictions and "plea bargaining" as their US counterparts seem to be. UK society in general is less tolerant of "anti-social behaviour", it's their idea of "keeping the peace" and it works rather well for "the people of the UK".

I'd love to offer you the excuse that you must be unfamiliar with the way the UK treats freedom of expression, but judging by your last sentence you're plainly aware of the true state of affairs. You didn't even do a passable job of prettying it up with your preceding statements. At least we're in agreement that the UK clearly operates under different rules. Public communication of possible state criminal prosecution due to the dissemination of information such as the video in question amounts to one thing only: a veiled threat, no matter how politely put it may be. I don't have to accept that from where I sit.

Yeah right, you tell 'em how it is internet tough guy, lol.

Internet tough guy? I post with my full name, and my residential address is easy to come by. Please tell me you're not so cognitively impaired that you can't figure it out. I'll be glad to have this discussion with you in person if you like; please feel free to swing by the house whenever you like. I do ask that you provide a bit of advance notice, as I wouldn't want to mistake you for an unwelcome guest and take unfortunate adverse actions upon your arrival.

Disclaimer, not the AC, who btw has as much right to his privacy as the Foley family does to theirs.

You're absolutely correct that the AC I responded to has a right to his privacy. I have a corresponding right to call him a coward, and not simply in the AC sense. As for considerations regarding Foley's family wishes, he was a United States citizen. As soon as I receive a valid written communication from the his estate to the effect that they don't want people directly appraised of the savage acts committed against him, I'll gladly act in accordance with said wishes. As for your wishes on the matter, I suggest you print them out on quality cardstock, roll the pages into a neat little cylinder, and go fuck yourself with it. Enjoy, champ.

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I firmly dispute the ability to move faster and easier with a weapon at hip level, and this is from personal experience moving while firing. Firing a rifle from the hip while moving is at best a waste of ammunition which you're likely to wish you'd used more carefully thereafter, and at worst an invitation for adversaries to leverage the opportunity to eliminate you with reduced fear of being hit themselves.

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I'll add one point to my last comment. Please attempt to have me brought up on charges; I'm not difficult to find. Given your position on these matters, I'd adore the opportunity to leverage the justice system and whatever ancillary measures are necessary to discover and publicize your identity. You speak boldly, but I doubt you possess the fortitude to see your name attached to your statements.

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