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Comment: I'm still not convinced... (Score -1) 129

by phil_aychio (#43536183) Attached to: LHCb Experiment Observes New Matter-Antimatter Difference
...that we are definitely made of matter. If we were made of anti-matter, wouldn't matter actually look like anti-matter to us, only because it isn't what we're made of? Also, if matter and anti-matter existed in equal amounts at the beginning, wouldn't the remaining particles, regardless of what they are (after all the self-annihilation and whatnot) be considered matter by default?

Comment: Re:Little interest? (Score -1) 573

by phil_aychio (#43033723) Attached to: Time Warner Cable: No Consumer Demand For Gigabit Internet
I spend over $50 per month for what is considered the standard offering...15M down, 1M up. I could spend $50 more to get 50/5, but it really isn't worth it. So, yeah, what she says is probably correct - "We're in the business of delivering what consumers want". Translation: Not too many people are willing to pay twice as much for our fastest offering. ...but at least it isn't capped

Comment: Re:Go Away (Score 0, Funny) 58

by phil_aychio (#42754899) Attached to: Making Wireless Carriers Play Together
Something about this doesn't add 78 dollars an hour, she would have had to work over 200 hours in one month to make that amount, yet it says '...just working on the laptop for a few hours", which is completely misleading. 50+ hours a week ain't trivial. I think your friends sister-in-law is embellishing, to say the least.

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