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Comment: Re:Sense (or Sense inspired) all the way (Score 2, Interesting) 188

by phil4 (#33953776) Attached to: Details of Android 3.0, SIP, Video Chat
Sense is slick - but I switched to CM6 ( Cyanogen Mod 6.00, an Android Open Source Project based rom ) and was surprised that I didn't really miss anything that Sense had given me. I had already switched away from the very nice weather/clock widget because its weather was not very current and everything else is nearly equivalent. ( Sprint HTC Hero, not the newest/fastest phone but very snappy with CM6 and only slight overclocking )

Comment: Re:Already seems obsolete.... (Score 1) 271

by phil4 (#32320794) Attached to: First Pandora Console Reaches Customer

The battery is a dog (10+ hours of gaming),

I guess that was inevitable with last week's story about rat-batteries:
but I'd be worried about the size of the thing, and having to carry plastic bags to pick up after your Pandora console.
Maybe it's based on one of the tiny pocket-sized dogs?

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