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Comment Re:The new "rationality" test. I support this test (Score 1) 554

The way I see it..

If a company is hiring and using "social media" as a benchmark:

- does it count against you if you have a small footprint.

- can you be dismissed for embellishing your profile (LOL)

- would the company apply this background check to it's current employees (note: HR department, this applies to you too)

- this is biased against (stereotyping) a younger segment of the population.

Comment Re:Eh? But we do (Score 1) 236

We are all human.. individuals. Different things affect each of us in different ways.

Just banning them is just plain stupid..

Doing things for the greater good because a small minority fracks it up is selfish - usually reactionary clap trap from politicans who just "ride the wave" so then can be re-elected next year. There should be guidelines.. there should be debate..

Otherwise, you should ban cars and trucks - if there weren't any, then no one would die in car crashes..

Comment Re:USA vs Europe (Score 1) 1053

"adjusted for the effects of premature death resulting from non-health-related fatal injuries".. (btw does this include mental health?? like depression and taking vicodin..)

Ok, as a guessimate and assuming this survey means excluding:

- the poor who cannot afford insurance so access to the best care (about 15-16%)

- obese people who have underlying health issues? (about 65%)

So the remaining 20% who can afford healthcare and are do not have an underlying illness - get the BEST treatment in the world.

Now this is a great sample - it only proves, reinforces and highlights the 2 tier system in the US.

Comment Re:Failed company (Score 1) 749

Well, yes and no.

If a compnay holding the DRM server goes out of business, then there's not much you can do about it.

But then why sell something you cannot service or maintain for the life of the product. In other industries if a company goes down, sometimes another steps in to offer repair/maintence services. But with DRM, yo have bought the right to use/play something - but are at risk to a 3rd party. If thats the case, you should be able to go back to the record studio as they own the licence!

Also, MS effective withdraw their servers for fairplay. Or Sony?? They are still around, but just pulled the plug.

Comment Forever? Well until their copyright runs out (Score 1) 749

If I buy the physical CD/DVD etc, I can rip this to my PC or mp3 player and have a backup of my harddisk... so long as I look after my setup, what I bought is mine.

But what RIAA are saying is that they have effectively broken your contract. Maybe under the sale of goods act you can demand damages? Class Action anyone?

This is why DRM is bad. I remember one of the solutions from a provider was to burn your music on to a CD (Before the DRM servers went down) and re-rip it. Ie effectivelt telling you to by pass their own DRM!

In the end, so long as your copy lasts until their copyright expires, you are OK!

Comment Re:World improves (Score 1) 921

Agreed... May I also add... I find a lot of supermarket fruit and veg is odourless.... you buy by weight. So, like our meats, it is grown to produce weighty produce. They taste watery. Go to Asia, fruit and vegtables just smell better.. Some premium packaged fruit and veg do smell what I call "green", full of flavour.

Comment Re:Levels of importance (Score 1) 611


in the OP.. when they say RAID is not backup.

They are technically correct.

RAID alone is definitely not a solution, although it can be part of the solution. The poster is being too literal. One has to identify what is important and how much they are willing to spend and how convenient they want it to be.

My solution works for me as it keeps my possible downtime to a minimum and I was happy to buy a RAID1 (1Tb) and had a spare portable drive. The RAID immediate protects me from my desktop failing (but not if I accidentally erase anything or something becomes corrupted). The portable is the backup for something happening to BOTH my desktop and RAID1 (which has 2 mirrored drives hence 2copies of my desktop).

The post is too generic.

If they identified in their post what was at stake, budget, their technical expertise...

I am sure readers of /. could focus their responses.

Comment Re:Levels of importance (Score 1) 611

Exactly, it depends on your: 1. level of of importance 2. cost vs convenience (and how much data you want to secure) I have about 300GB (or 7yrs of photos, music and audiobooks). So online backup is too expensive. The library is pretty static, month to month, some new music, photos, a couple of books. Its just not worth trying to rebuild my library from my DVDs/CDs, friends photos etc. I wanted a mirror of everything, including the OS. With ZERO (well depends on when the last backup was) downtime. Therefore I kept it simple.. I have bootable backups. a) RAID 1 (1Tb, ie same size as my desktop) courtesy of OWC's Guardian Maximus, which is a simple hardware raid. Automated SuperDuper to do a smart backup every day. Pretty quick, over FW800 - This is currently connected to my desktop, although later I should do this over my network and keep the RAID 1 in another room. b) A portable drive that is updated either monthly, after a large session (photos) or just before a major update (service pack/update). This is kept off site. BTW i wanted a Drobo until i read the small print about it using it's own proprietary RAID. There's no problem if one of the HDs fails, you just rebuild it, but if Drobo fails... you need to buy another Drobo, or likely something from US Robotics (the makers of Drobo). I would suggest keeping to industry standard RAIDs. For most homes, RAID1 is the simplest.

Comment Re:non competes only make sense when... (Score 1) 248

"Basically what they determined, is that the basis of a non-compete, is that the employee would be bringing something of value (which was obtained from the first employer) to a second employer, putting the first employer at a disadvantage" Isn't this the point of getting a job - ie to add value. On one hand the company wants you to add value, but also not progress. The companies are stupid if they think they can stop you progressing and getting a better job. Thats how you get on with life.. On the other hand - if they pay me for gardening leave, i'll take it (and do some studying for my next job on their time).

Comment Re:OK fine. (Score 1) 171

I think it depends how that data became public. With the repeated breach of private data being collected illegally or data that becomes public without the consent of the owner... Also how do you change the profile.. as a single male, your viewing habits change.. say when you get married and have kids.. how quickly does the targeted ads change to match your lifestyle..

Comment Total cost of your experience (Score 1) 405

Well.. I think is some ways its the "shoppers mentality". When you go out and buy an item, you don't really want to spend a significant amount on accessories.. a buyer wants the complete package. Hence why manufacturers of MP3 players throw in the headphone - but the manufacturer is competing in a market so wants to splash out on say the player and put minimal allotment to the headphone. When you buy a car you expect a decent set of tyres especially if you buy say a luxuary/sporty model. So if your ipod cost say (shuffle)$49 you are going balk at spending $40 on some headphones.. if you have say a touch at $229, then definitely yes. How about this: 1. can manufactures offer units without headphones. You can chose to buy their standard, their high end or you go off and get your own. 2. people should use their volume limiters. 3. Realise that by cranking up the volume, you are compensating for surrounding noise. Get some proper earphones sand stop being so cheap as it may cost you alot more than loss of hearing. With noise isolation, I even use these as ear plugs with I am walking past a building site/road works.. or on the subway. Actually I find that I am now more sensitive to loud noises.. because I have been used to a lower background noise level. Anyway, I have had Shure E2s, E3s / Sony MDR-71sl / Sennheiser CX400. I wanted something in black and discrete. - the Shures are really good, but I personally had a lot of problems with the 3.5mm connectors - they kept breaking and i would lose sound in 1 earphone. And they are too bulky. I even had custom inserts - brilliant, but everyone thought I was hard of hearing as they were flesh coloured.. - Sony, for a long while (I had around 4 pairs over 4 years) were great cheapish ($25) in ears. I loved the short lead, especially in conjunction with the ipod remote. - Sennheiser, best balance between price, sound quality and noise isolation. Definitely recommend! Thanks

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