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Journal Journal: So I'm a pretty new slashbot

Anyways, I post a bit occasionally to share my impressions of the hot world of tech and whatnot. Occasionally, somebody will think I typed something funny, no biggy, but then somebody else doesn't think its funny then mod it overrated, so despite me being the innocent bystander here in between an argument between two mods over whats funny and whats not funny, I once again default to -1.

Well heck, I guess thats funny too in a way.

Anyways, I was this || close to buying an Apple Ipod, then they patented the interface, so since I'm just about the only one left boycotting obvious patent applications and the companies who file them, I'm left out of the Ipod craze. Oh well, what else is new. On the plus side, I've ended my multiyear DVD boycott, especially with players being in the sub $100 range so maybe I can buy music videos instead.

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