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Journal Journal: Microsoft patents keyboard navigation of hyperlinks

In yet another example of monopolising the blindingly obvious, everyones favorite braintrust, the USPTO has granted Microsoft a patent on keystroke navigation of hyperlinks. Although having keyboard shortcuts isn't specific to the web (a patent requirement it seems), lynx has got to be some obvious prior art IMO.
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Journal Journal: So I'm a pretty new slashbot

Anyways, I post a bit occasionally to share my impressions of the hot world of tech and whatnot. Occasionally, somebody will think I typed something funny, no biggy, but then somebody else doesn't think its funny then mod it overrated, so despite me being the innocent bystander here in between an argument between two mods over whats funny and whats not funny, I once again default to -1.

Well heck, I guess thats funny too in a way.

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