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Comment Re:is the problem not ADOBE FLASH? (Score 1) 139

as i cannot see how a simple image... could possibly compromise a target machine

It can. I believe libjpeg was the first image parser to have a vulnerability, but LibPNG has had quite a few. Image and Video parsers are complex, and complex code means high chances for vulnerabilities.

Is your browser complex? You better believe it's full of vulnerabilities. We only hear about Flash vulns because they are the low-hanging fruit.

Comment It's profitable (Score 3, Insightful) 139

If it's increasing, that means it's profitable. Don't expect things to change until there is an expensive lawsuit.

Until then, practice safe browsing, use ad block......even if you like to support websites by looking at their ads, it's not worth the risk right now.

Comment Re:quote from the cryptography expert (Score 1) 79

Someone pointed out that privacy is a little more important on the internet now, in the current environment where making the wrong tweet can cause an outraged cadre of juveniles to demand you get fired, or have protesters literally showing up on your doorstep. I guess that's true.

Comment malware (Score 1) 114

Malware could mean something as simple as "the accountant tried to install a screensaver." This story really doesn't tell us anything about how often critical medical systems are attacked......

(and of course the systems are vulnerable, just like every other system connected to the internet).

Comment quote from the cryptography expert (Score 1) 79

Here's a quote from the cryptography expert:

Though Blum is an expert in cryptography, he's not particularly worried about privacy. "I find the fact that cameras are everywhere is helpful," he said, citing the example of the Boston Marathon bombers. "It's wonderful that you can find pictures and know who they are."

Comment Re:brinksmanship. (Score 1) 166

before wondering why we led the world in citizens incarcerated.

I've never heard anyone wonder that. The only time I've heard that kind of statistic brought up, it's in the middle of some text explaining exactly why we are so bad, and usually includes what we need to do to fix it.

Comment Re:Probably will just make our jobs harder (Score 1) 105

As someone that worked in the tech industry during the recessions in 1973, 1980, 1990, 2001, and 2007, unemployment for people with good tech skills was almost nonexistent during most of those bad times

In 2001, U-Haul trucks were streaming out of Silicon Valley. Plenty of good people lost their jobs (do you know how many companies went out of business? Not all of them were full of bad programmers). Also, it depressed salaries for a while. I'm highly in favor of tech salaries rising.

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