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Comment: Re:This could never happen with global warming... (Score 1) 245

Anyone who argues against things that people didn't say is wasting their own time. You are one of those people.

That is true, I am wasting my time, since you don't even understand what you are saying, you think there is a consensus, but you don't know what that consensus is.

If you understood what there is consensus on, then you would be more interesting to talk to. Instead you're just ignorant to talk to.

Comment: Re:Lots of highly paid folks (Score 1) 119

Put another way: if you get a degree in computer science, or you are self-taught using common resources, you probably have a skill set that reflects that reflects the bare minimum that a company will accept and you have a skill set that the market is flooded with.

If you have a CS degree from a decent university, you're competing with entry-level grads who just barely took an eight-week-course in programming from some coding bootcamp.

Somehow those guys manage to find jobs, and a CS degree is already more skilled than them.

Comment: Re:This could never happen with global warming... (Score -1) 245

Of the scientists who have expressed an opinion on AGW 97.2% endorse the consensus. only .7% reject it.

The consensus isn't what you think it is. That is, if you ask scientists, "should we do everything possible to stop global warming now" or "will global warming cause millions of deaths in the next century," you will not get anywhere near 97%.

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