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Comment: Re:Agile can fuck off. (Score 1) 165

by phantomfive (#47726053) Attached to: Latest Wikipedia Uproar Over 'Superprotection'
Fred Brooks correctly pointed out that if you have a small development team (something like 20 or less), then pretty near any development methodology can work, if the team is good. Waterfall? That can be done. Extreme? Sure. Everyone work from home and email each other when they need something? Yup.

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by phantomfive (#47725881) Attached to: Cause of Global Warming 'Hiatus' Found Deep In the Atlantic

please link to an example of "sketchy science" that has been proved wrong by more solid, peer-reviewed science.

I know you're just smacking down a troll, but climate models have been over-estimating warming for years, as demonstrated by this science.

That's not to say that climate models are bad science, they are good science investigating the nature of the earth; but people who put too much faith in them without evidence were performing bad science.

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by phantomfive (#47725861) Attached to: Cause of Global Warming 'Hiatus' Found Deep In the Atlantic

Yet the climate buffoons ignore the oceans in their models.

OK, I am down on climate models, because they have poor accuracy, but come on, they don't ignore the oceans in their models. Check it out on Wikipedia at least before writing something.

You might be able to say that their handling of the oceans is incorrect, and if you have a good reason, such a post would be interesting, but scientists definitely aren't ignoring the oceans in their models, I don't even know why you would think that.

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Oh, I thought you were correcting my English.

I don't think companies ever pay union dues, that's usually employees (but who knows, there might be unions somewhere who get that. Every state has their own union laws).

In general, workers in America oppose unions because they don't help, and they hurt in very real ways: they prevent incompetent coworkers from getting fired, for example.

Comment: Re:The Real question then is... (Score 2) 210

(In before some libertarian blames government regulation for companies moving production offshore.)

They blame unions mostly. Car manufacturing hasn't really moved offshore (because of regulations, I guess), it's moved to states without unions, where they still pay high wages but don't have to pay union dues.

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Part of the answer is automation. Although the manufacturing sector in the US has been growing consistently for a long time, in recent history the growth has come without new jobs, due to automation.

Which isn't to say they don't need workers: there is a shortage of skilled workers who know how to weld, or drive heavy machinery, etc.

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* Heavy equipment
* Airplanes
* Farming
* Robotics
* Brand management
* Banking
* Manicures
* etc

Some of those are not comparative advantages, not absolute advantages, but that's all you need. The US has a growing manufacturing sector. Look stuff up at least on Wikipedia before posting stupid stuff. In 2013 the US exported $2.3 Trillion worth of stuff, and that wasn't all movies and music.

Also, 'microcode' has an actual meaning and it isn't what you think it is.

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