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Comment Re:Down under (Score 2) 43

But "que han dejado tus perros" means "that have left your dogs" with a stylish order change (the real meaning is "that your dogs have left").......but as a matter of fact even people might fail at understanding that.

If you wanted to clarify that the dogs were left (not the caca), then you can add 'a' to indicate the object, as in "...que han dejado a tus perros."

(not sure about "caca", though).

Caca is correctly translated as 'shit' (though swear words vary depending on the country. We do this in English too: bloody and shag are not swear words in America, but are in England).

Comment Re:Airstrikes on population centers (Score 1) 357

Figuring out what's accurate is an impossible dream.
Most likely Obama would negotiate without the preconditions being met (since that's basically the style he campaigned on),
and it is hard for me to believe that the Russians and Iranians really want Assad out. Their plan seems to be to stabilize the country for their client.

Comment Re:Not just MS Office (Score 1) 130

Is the typical OS X upgrade this perilous?

Yes. Typically after an OSX upgrade, I go through my applications folder, removing things that no longer work.
It was fine until around OSX 1.5, but since then, I've lost something on every upgrade. I figured that would have to end sooner or later, but I guess not.

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