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Comment: Re:lets pump the brakes here and analyze. (Score 1) 163

And finally, while i recognize that me mentioning this will probably result in you dismissing anything i say out of hand (if you haven't done so already), regarding your 'homeland' comments/questions... why is there a massive collection of architects and engineers that claim that the official 9/11 story is entirely logically inconsistent and requiring the believer to disregard things like basic laws of physics?

Ok, yeah, that's where you completely went of the rails lol....

"Cui Bono?" is a good place to begin.

A better place to begin is by gathering information. The more information you have, the easier it will be to draw good conclusions. Otherwise you are stuck asking questions like, "why else would they do it?"

Comment: Re:Repeat history (Score 1) 99

by phantomfive (#47954225) Attached to: KDE's UI To Bend Toward Simplicity

Isn't this Gnome, but ten years ago?

No! They are leaving the features, but focusing on making a sensible default, whereas the rest is easily discoverable!

That is how he is describing it, and it is how an ideal UI should be. Gnome on the other hand wants to make anything hard impossible, not discoverable (where discoverable means the user can figure out how to do it).

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by phantomfive (#47952379) Attached to: Data Archiving Standards Need To Be Future-Proofed

Seriously, what's wrong with the MS Word .doc format? Feature complete, stable, lots of free implementations.

Because it's not feature complete (otherwise Microsoft wouldn't keep adding features), it's not stable, and the free implementations aren't completely compatible.

data archiving format in 500 years; but wouldn't be surprised if a good old-fashioned .doc works just fine.

You can have trouble opening a .doc from a few years ago......

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by phantomfive (#47952111) Attached to: Torvalds: No Opinion On Systemd

Now go tell it to the 100,000s, programmers out there who actually build complex systems.

I don't have to, I do build complex systems.

Essentially, you need proper separation of concerns, otherwise your system will become too unwieldy to handle. That is the basic principle here, and on the surface, it seems like systemD is violating it. As a result, systemD eventually will become a mess (if it hasn't already). Maybe the surface appearance is deceiving, sometimes that happens.

Seriously though, if all you want is an easier way to read through logs, why not just get splunk?

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by phantomfive (#47947945) Attached to: Science Has a Sexual Assault Problem
I'm going based on what the paper says here. It seems not all the questions asked were listed in the primary paper. Quote:

Such behaviors aimed at men originated primarily from peers, whereas such behaviors aimed at women primarily originated from individuals the respondent identified as superior to them in the field site professional hierarchy (Figure 2B).

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