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Comment Re:Solution: Don't Trust Anyone (within reason) (Score 1) 56 56

And how do we ensure that an update doesn't come along specifically to open up an exploit or a back door?

It doesn't matter if it's intentional or not, the exploits are there. Even OpenBSD hasn't managed to keep remote exploits out of their system (although practically speaking, good luck breaking into an OpenBSD system).

Comment Re:Too big to fail (Score 1) 255 255

(I don't care how many sock puppets you have, you wont succeed in burying objective fact)

rotfl I have zero. A post with numbers is more likely to get modded up, where a post that merely says "you are wrong" is more likely to get modded down. Your post was of the latter variety.

Comment Re:Windows 10 is secured against hobbyist HW (Score 1) 479 479

WTF in the goddamn hell do you fucking WANT. You complain because Windows is not secure. You complain when they secure it.

I want people to not pretend they are giving security when they are just requiring drivers to be signed. That's a joke, and not a funny one.

I want companies to stop trying to take freedom away from the users. This isn't theoretical, this is a serious one that will affect a lot of people. If you really can't install drivers without having them signed by Microsoft, that will affect a real percentage of users.

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