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+ - Austrian Man Raided For Running Tor Node Exit-> 5

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: From William, the man affected: "Yes, it happened to me now as well — Yesterday i got raided for someone sharing child pornography over one of my Tor exits.

I'm good so far, not in jail, but all my computers and hardware have been confiscated.

If convicted i could face up to 6 years in jail, of course i do not want that and i also want to try to set a legal base for running Tor exit nodes in Austria or even the EU.

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Comment: Re:No thanks (Score 1) 66

by phantomcircuit (#38094694) Attached to: PayPal Launches Facebook App For Sending Money

Gold, really? eGold was a site that did paypal for gold, and failed miserably. Gold-to-cash is a constantly changing ratio, and can lead to gold holders to be quite poorer when the stock market is soaring... cash is better than gold most of the time.

eGold failed because they were engaged in fraud and straight up money laundering

Comment: Re:Subsidies inflate pricing. (Score 1) 1797

by phantomcircuit (#37820260) Attached to: Ron Paul Wants To End the Federal Student Loan Program

The reason the federal student loan program exists is because it ISN'T profitable to make that loan. Most kids are going to default, and the banks will be left holding the bag.

you can default on student loans, but you can never be absolved of them.

The only risk in making a student loan is that the beneficiary dies before they can pay it back, which is generally speaking a sound bet.

Comment: Re:What's the point? (Score 2) 159

by phantomcircuit (#37365860) Attached to: <em>Hurt Locker</em> Lawsuits May Reach Canadians, Too

The movie played at various film festivals and was released in italy, then they soft launched in the US. At this point there was huge demand to watch the movie but absolutely no legal way for 99% of the people to watch it.

I would guess that it's probably one of the most pirated movies of all time.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary saftey deserve neither liberty not saftey." -- Benjamin Franklin, 1759