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Comment: Re:I don't understand (Score 1) 308

by ph4cr (#44547779) Attached to: Federal Judge Rules NYC "Stop and Frisk" Violated Rights
Appreciate your comment. Unfortunately, the (probably, Younger) community - has never seen a tyrant regime in action! To older readers I offer my regret. All I can. I've already seen some of the comments from the new right dark. Get some Brown Shirts.It will help your mom as she promotes you from basement to EARTH! the good folks ive met on slashdot! wallmart always has sales on tissue and lotion for the politcal delicate types!

Comment: Re:I don't understand (Score -1, Flamebait) 308

by ph4cr (#44547493) Attached to: Federal Judge Rules NYC "Stop and Frisk" Violated Rights
Hey - Fuck my mod points, years read, whatever! I don't want a part of any community that lets closet racists like you into the fold! For the record - 22 Year IT Veteran - White - Wife and kids - Black You? - Trying to figure out fire while gettin yur hood on.. FUCK YOU!!! Slashdot - If you support assholes like this then please delete me. i need a shower now... Oh? and race baiter? go fuck your mama... PH4CR

Comment: In Just A Little While... (Score 1) 192

by ph4cr (#44074653) Attached to: Fear of Thinking War Machines May Push U.S. To Exascale
Our kids will be saying something like... Sarah Connor: Look... I am not stupid, you know. They cannot make things like that yet. Kyle Reese: Not yet. Not for about 40 years. Sarah Connor: Are you saying it's from the future? Kyle Reese: One possible future. From your point of view... I don't know tech stuff.

Comment: Re:Great! (Score 3, Interesting) 172

by ph4cr (#43797925) Attached to: German IT Firm Seeks Autistic Workers
Indeed - I have Asperger's Syndrome. Autism runs in my line. I was diagnosed later in life. There were "pills for weird pupils" when I was a child. Fortunately my parents were to poor or to stupid to dope me up! I've been doing IT Security for almost 20 years. Well before the attacker waterline rose above Corporate America's collective ankles! I always considered my "oddity" to be a sometimes benevolent "gift". With a variety of socially and personally unpleasant side effects... So - now neurological conditions are to be exploited! For corporate gain? I am utterly disgusted! I suggest seizing your medical records before other companies decide exactly what kind of asset or risk you pose to their bottom line!

+ - Particle Physics Research Sheds New Light On Possible 'Fifth Force of Nature'->

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ph4cr writes: "In a breakthrough for the field of particle physics, Professor of Physics Larry Hunter and colleagues at Amherst College and The University of Texas at Austin have established new limits on what scientists call "long-range spin-spin interactions" between atomic particles. These interactions have been proposed by theoretical physicists but have not yet been seen. Their observation would constitute the discovery of a "fifth force of nature" (in addition to the four known fundamental forces: gravity, weak, strong and electromagnetic) and would suggest the existence of new particles, beyond those presently described by the Standard Model of particle physics."
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Comment: Chasing Butterflies In The Dark (Score 0) 315

by ph4cr (#39388361) Attached to: Psychic Ability Claim Doesn't Hold Up In New Scientific Experiments
What is commonly called ESP has been under study by human beings for well over a century. Many claims have been made, many fads and frauds have come and gone. The anecdotal evidence of such exceptional human functioning is staggering and reaches into every human culture from the present into antiquity. Spanning the gulf of human activity from sport to religion and from philosophy to science. I have always found it odd that despite the fact that even the most current thought on consciousness can not explain its origin and function; we continue to view the core of our very being as something deterministic. This seems to be a common theme in the biological and psychological sciences. I see no need for a leap of faith. I'm an atheist. However I do think that it is time for the biological and psychological sciences to catch up with physics. Science also suffers from as much dogmatic attitudes as does religion. There have been many important studies by a variety of scientists with different approaches over the years that indicate that there is a deeper understanding to be had of our own nature. I think its time to stop picking teams and strong view points and to instead approach the understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe with open minds. Just a thought...

Comment: Re:You Can Keep Your Secrets For Chump Change, Loo (Score 0) 289

by ph4cr (#38533250) Attached to: Stephen Hawking Looking For Personal Techie
Interesting. I saw no screaming caps in my response. I've actually read all of Steve's stuff. Among many others. As I said previously, anyone wanting to start any meaningful conversation is jumped on and crushed. We could have started something. Nope - Jump and crush!. Never said anyone who would work for him is stupid. (Although others have and they are less charitable then I) Never said he was stupid. He throws coins in the same fountain as the rest of us. Stevie has an audience. He is a freak show and H-Wood loves, just LOVES a FREAK, with a SHOW! You love that up special! Tuck it into bed with you and pray or theorize that the crooked man has you, me and everything figured out! Did you note my high five to Copernicus? we are not the center - we do not matter - there was more and will be more and less

Comment: You Can Keep Your Secrets For Chump Change, Loozah (Score 0, Flamebait) 289

by ph4cr (#38532352) Attached to: Stephen Hawking Looking For Personal Techie
WTF! Are you kidding me! Is he going to pay travel expenses for the lucky boot licking acolyte?! BTW - I'm an agnostic. However, Steve H's latest scribble, that the universe just popped into existence and didn't need a creator was lame. Before the flames begin - At least let's discuss that the universe/multi-verse is more complex then our current understanding of physics allows for. Funny that for a guy in a box, mind is little more then a grey goo theater! It's OK to say "We just don't fucking know, and we may never know!" I would respect that more from a man of science. Pity that human beings never really got solid on Copernicus. I suggest "The Best Of Tom & Jerry" for Steve H's interface to us humble fucks. Good luck with your tech job Loozah!

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