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Comment: Re:Another hypocrit liberal (Score 1) 338

by pgmrdlm (#34829376) Attached to: World's Plant Life Far Less Diverse Than Thought

What an asshole.

If you can't stand by your statements, which I took the time to look up to verify. Then shut the fuck up.

I never said the USA was the greatest nation. You assumed that was my position. Again, shut the fuck up. you have no idea what my feelings are on that subject. Especially sense you can't provide a link anywhere from ME stating my position on that subject.

Liberals are fucking pussies. Every time MY nation has fallen into shit, it has been because of liberal cunts. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and now President Obama. All though, I don't find President Obama as much as a problem as I do the representatives in congress.

Fucking cunt Europeans should stay the fuck out my nations business. I don't give a fuck what you do with your nation other than you feel you have a right to tell us what the United States should do. Send money, just like we do to your nations. Or move here and vote. otherwise, shut the fuck up. Fucking cunt.

Comment: @nomadic (Score 2) 645

by pgmrdlm (#34818798) Attached to: New Laser Makes Pirates Wish They Wore Eye-Patches

I believe the ORIGINAL suggestion was to hire x military. NOT have the people from here do the sniping.

And the military DOES have a PROVEN history of being able to take out pirates from a moving ship.

Navy SEALs' Simultaneous Headshots on Somali Pirates Were Procedure

Taking this a step further, following the original suggestion of x military personnel being the snipers.


Let's carry this further shall we? How many troops have served in Afghanistan and Iraq? Collation troops, not just American. Snipers are a very active part of that. You telling me nomadic that these shipping companies couldn't entice x military snipers to guard their ships?

So basically.

  • 1. Your reading comprehensive skills are shit.
  • 2. Your knowledge of current events are worse then your reading skills.

You really should take time to think about your posts

Comment: woosh (Score 1) 338

by pgmrdlm (#34752478) Attached to: World's Plant Life Far Less Diverse Than Thought

I ignored your attempt at sarcasim and gave you a history lesson in founding fathers and types of goverments.

By the way cunt. Read some history. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton couldn't get along. They hated each other. So if you think this type of division in goverment is something new because of the republicans, your just proving my point of how fucking stupid liberals really are.

Again, thank god you fucking liberals are nothing but criminals and enjoy killing each other off. You save this nation a civil war.

Watch your back,. There is a fellow liberal voting gang member waiting to have a bad trip and go off on you pussies at one of your Black Panther protected voting districts.

Comment: Re:Another hypocrit liberal (Score 1) 338

by pgmrdlm (#34726496) Attached to: World's Plant Life Far Less Diverse Than Thought

however, the criminal can and have been reformed and that is a known fact.

Studies I have looked at say that rehabilitation works, if done outside of prison. Ok bussdriver, I'm all for rehabilitation. As long as its done in your neighborhood. You know. Where your family and children live.

Put up or shut up. Get out there and push for a rehab of first time offenders. Armed robbers, drug busts(crack, heroin, coke, pot, prescription drugs), gang busts, spousal abuse. You bring them to your neighborhood. Show us how much you stand by your convictions.

Otherwise, your just another liberal hypocrit.

Comment: Re:Another hypocrit liberal (Score 1) 338

by pgmrdlm (#34721048) Attached to: World's Plant Life Far Less Diverse Than Thought

Do a google asshole. Find any post I made using a conservitive web site. I have always tried to find credible web sites with no political ties for any link that I provided.

The only posts I have ever seen here blasting people for their sources were from liberals. And now you hypocrit liberals have the balls to do the same thing you complain about.

Again, the only good liberal is a fucking dead one.

Comment: Another hypocrit liberal (Score -1, Flamebait) 338

by pgmrdlm (#34717978) Attached to: World's Plant Life Far Less Diverse Than Thought

Conservitive sources are never to be beleived where liberal sources always should be.

And no you cunt, I do not read Fox news. But I fucking hate hypocrits like you. Your a primary example why I hate liberals. Your also a primary example why I feel the only good liberal is a dead one.

Can't wait till you become a good little liberal. I'll make sure I piss on your fucking grave when you do.

Comment: Re:yeah (Score 1) 376

by pgmrdlm (#34368990) Attached to: Operation Payback Shuts Down IFPI Site

Mind clarifying WHAT caused the shut down? Was it illegal tactics, which was the original posters point? You know, was the site ddos'd by the MMPA?

Anti-piracy misfire takes down online TV network INTERNET May 30, 2008|Joseph Menn | Times Staff Writer One of the most popular Internet-based television networks was shut down all weekend, a casualty in the entertainment industry's fight against pirated material. The outage at Revision3, which features shows such as "Diggnation" and others targeted at techies, highlighted the risks of serious collateral damage in the usually invisible but bare-knuckled technological war between copyright holders and pirates.

You link does not back up the original post in any way or form. We are talking about ILLEGAL tactics here. Stay on topic.

Yes, we will be going to OSI, Mars, and Pluto, but not necessarily in that order. -- Jeffrey Honig