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Comment: Re:"an act of social provocation"? (Score 1) 367

by pgillan (#49202023) Attached to: Come and Take It, Texas Gun Enthusiasts (Video)

I'm not sure what they're really trying to accomplish. They're shoving their political opinion in everyone's face. Quite often, however, people like this end up generating a fair amount of animosity towards their cause and bring together opponents trying to stop them who otherwise wouldn't have enough ambition to do so. Their actions end up being counterproductive. I'm not sure why they insist on hurting their own cause but they're hell bent on doing it.

Many of us who enjoy responsible recreational and sport shooting really wish these idiots would shut up and go away because they bring unwanted attention to the subject and end up making it more difficult for the rest of us.

I think I'm finally starting to get a handle on this mindset. By "pushing" their agenda, they want to force the other side to push back. Presumably, then, they can say to all the other like-minded enthusiasts "Look, we were right, they are trying to take our guns!" In other words, they're launching a war because they think they have the numbers to win, if only everyone on their side would 'wake up.'

Comment: Re:Unwed mothers? (Score 4, Funny) 276

by pgillan (#29550433) Attached to: A New Explanation For the Plight of Winter Babies

Now, correlation is not causation. It's possible that the parent's strong marriage does not *cause* the child's good prospects and performance, but rather that both are caused by some of the same socioeconomic factors

I like the idea that it's actually a reverse correlation- that stupid children with poor prospects and bad grades cause their parents' divorces.

Comment: Re:No one deserves this more than Apple (Score 1) 273

by pgillan (#25252115) Attached to: iPhone Antitrust and Computer Fraud Claims Upheld
I remember reading, back when this was all a thing, that the failure rates for locked iPhones during an update was right about even with the failure rates for unlocked iPhones, implying that the update process itself was responsible for the failures, and whether or not you unlocked or jailbroke your phone was immaterial to whether or not it was bricked. Unfortunately, I can't find that information, so I don't know if that was some sort of urban legend or not.

Personally, I jailbroke my iPhone once, then ultimately decided it wasn't worth the hassle of keeping up with the break/update cycle. And once they released apps, I sort of forgot about it all together.

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