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Comment Set everyone up with virt web appliances (Score 1) 359

My workplace does actually have a lot of users who need the web for work reasons. What just occurred to me is to set up everyone with software for running virtual machines, then put one on each of their machines that has a web browser on it which refreshes and exports it's bookmark file to each user's network share. Is there any free software that can run a virtual machine from inside XP like this, or is that a pay only product? ... Bitchin! Looks like VMware player does just this.

Comment Re:You can't win if you don't play (Score 3, Informative) 474

This is just not true. I'm actively using social networking and local bbs's to get me + wife into the local social scene. We're both from out of town and we've moved to a place with very small tight groups of friends who have typically grown up together and are a little nervous about outsiders. It's not a good environment for walking up to people in bars and introducing yourself, but these sites allow you to start goofing around with people anonymously, which then makes them more interested and curious about you when you meet them IRL.

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