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Comment: hate idiotic reacitonary gotcha "studies" (Score 1) 710

by pezpunk (#47454185) Attached to: People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use

uhhh maybe people who are in favor of energy conservation correctly realize that an individual acting alone to conserve power is pointless and insignificant given the scale of the problem they are worried about, while political policies, protesting or speaking out might actually have a measurable positive effect.

i could go live a energy-neutral lifestyle as a hermit in the woods and it would do no good in the long run. maybe it's naive, but working for political policies that support energy conservation seems to have far more potential to address the problem than a thousand recluses.

Comment: Re:Sigh. (Score 2) 164

by pezpunk (#47250203) Attached to: Endurance Experiment Writes One Petabyte To Six Consumer SSDs

hey thanks for sharing your anecdotal experience as if it carries any weight whatsoever compared to actual controlled experiments and statistics.

for comparison, I've owned 8 and no failures yet. I have a raid0 array of SSDs upstairs that has been working flawlessly since 2008. an aberration maybe. anecdotal evidence works like that.

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