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Comment Re:Republicans could... (Score 4, Insightful) 609

eh, maybe. but if they got rid of all those social wedge issues, what's left? tax breaks for the rich? subsidies for fossil fuels? dirtier air and water? meh.

honestly, those social wedge issues that, while keeping young people, gays, and minorities away, are EXACTLY what keeps the GOP so staunchly in power in the deep south and amongst old people. Those folks march to the polls and vote in every little primary and off-year election and are driven by pure white hot fear and hatred. it's a hell of a motivator, and i assume the GOP believes it can't afford to take the risk of abandoning those troops.

Comment hate idiotic reacitonary gotcha "studies" (Score 1) 710

uhhh maybe people who are in favor of energy conservation correctly realize that an individual acting alone to conserve power is pointless and insignificant given the scale of the problem they are worried about, while political policies, protesting or speaking out might actually have a measurable positive effect.

i could go live a energy-neutral lifestyle as a hermit in the woods and it would do no good in the long run. maybe it's naive, but working for political policies that support energy conservation seems to have far more potential to address the problem than a thousand recluses.

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