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+ - Anti-gay slurs rampant among pro-freedom hackers->

Submitted by
pewterbot9 writes "I have seen over and over, among the hacker-type forums, anti-gay
expletives (usually "faggot") in the forums of Torrent Freak, Slashdot
and the like. Usually implying that "faggot" is the worst possible
label to place on those anti-pirate and anti-freedom spokespeople.
Yet, I sincerely doubt you allow a term like "nigger" to filter

It is a disgusting realization that homophobia is allowed to run
rampant among such freedom-loving groups. As if many gay people have
nothing to do with Internet privacy rights and freedom (including P2P
advocates). It is a most hateful and bigoted word to use, and
perpetrates hatreds against sexual minorities.

Goddess forbid that you and other overseers of Internet freedom, allow
anti-gay attitudes to proliferate. It is quite possible that Aaron
Swartz was gay. But what the fuk do you care?

I certainly don't expect influential folks like you, to establish a
policy where anti-gay epithets are forbidden. Because you're just too
hetero-fukked-up yourself!"

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Comment: Re:So Sad (Score 0) 684

by pewterbot9 (#42037885) Attached to: Young Students Hiding Academic Talent To Avoid Bullying
"Hetero Good" is a typo...I meant "Hetero Goof". Yes, I quite understand bullying as a wicked strategy against more than gay folks. Nonetheless, gays suffer the brunt of it, by far. My own personal experience as a gay "nerd" is plenty of homophobia to go around, in the hacker circles. Perhaps because nerds themselves are afraid of being labeled "faggot", so they behave homophobically, too, in order to deflect bullies. Your statement "I've been bullied. I'm not gay" in no way disproves my point (about anti-gay bigotry among hackers). You can see for yourself, by visiting many hacker forums. "Fagg*t" is a common expletive, including /.. Sorry to pop your naive bubble.

Comment: Re:Opposite of Asia (Score 0) 684

by pewterbot9 (#42035641) Attached to: Young Students Hiding Academic Talent To Avoid Bullying
You wisely stated: "I suggest North American culture change its stigma of nerds, geeks, and intelligence, or face vastly deteriorating social values and social/scientific progress." Well said. Zero tolerance of homophobia will go a long way towards that excellent goal. In fact, it may be the most important solution of 'em all.

Comment: Re:This is news? (Score 0) 684

by pewterbot9 (#42035207) Attached to: Young Students Hiding Academic Talent To Avoid Bullying
Christian evangelists, fundamentalists, zealots et al, are indeed /very/ homophobic. They only thing that is stopping them for persecuting gays just as severely as Muslims, are our (western democracy) laws. Numerous Republican politicians throughout this unfair land, continue to propose the discrimination against homosexuals, including isolating them from mainstream (hetero) society, by locking them up in concentration camps...some even go so far as to propose excecution of LGTB citizens. FYI: there is one major issue which unites Muslims and Xians. Can you guess which one? Okay, not gonna hold my breath, tis: Gay marriage. The prevention and elimination of it, that is.

Comment: Re:So Sad (Score -1) 684

by pewterbot9 (#42034123) Attached to: Young Students Hiding Academic Talent To Avoid Bullying
Hetero Good blurted: {{ make everyone else look like dumbasses. Of course you are going to beat the shit out of them. }} Spoken like the true homophobic dipsh*t you are! Funny, I just posted a comment re. that even hacker communities are infested with bullying a.k.a. "homophobia," Slashdot being no exception. Thanks /so/ much for affirming my educated claim, you DUMBASS.

Comment: Lots of homophobia in the hacker ranks, too! (Score 0) 684

by pewterbot9 (#42034005) Attached to: Young Students Hiding Academic Talent To Avoid Bullying
Bullying is mostly an expression of homophobia...which violent dogma is indoctrinated by parents, schools and churches at an early age. There is more than our share of homophobia in the hacker world too, including right here at "/.". How many times has someone posted words like "fagg*t," "c*cksucker," and the like, when expressing disdain for the MAFIAA and other anti-freedom groups? There should be ZERO TOLERANCE for homophobic slurs here, and in every other progressive/intelligent group. Just as there is for "n*gger". So, to you hackers and hacker wannabes who think you're "all that," because you are anti-gay: Do you /really/ want to have a civil war on your hands? Bring it on you breeder morons: I don't care if you really are a talented hacker, 'cause you're really just a piece of sh*t that pollutes everything good around it, including the air, the water, and any chance for a bright future. Game over (you sorry excuse for a) man!

Comment: Re:Laws of country (Score 0) 113

by pewterbot9 (#41958227) Attached to: Google Outage Shows Risk of Doing Business In China
I've used gmail for several years now (here in the USA)...and it's /always/ kludgy. No matter where I log on, no matter when (and no matter which laptop/netbook/PC I use). I use various wifi services, from libraries to coffeehouses. Always: Gmail is slow, laborious, and not very intuitive. Is this proof of gov't/corporate intrusion; or just the result of crappy company policy? I'm surprised (and a bit envious) that China got such good Google service for so long, till now. Guess the honeymoon's over!

Comment: Re:Sorry.. can't agree. (Score 1) 305

by pewterbot9 (#41914813) Attached to: EFF Sues to Block New Internet Sex-Offender Law
Anonymous Coward posted: "you will loose all anonymity for simply dis-agreeing with the powers that be." Precisely. I anticipate the day when my credit card will be rejected, because the PTB didn't like something I posted on the Internet the night before. But I have hope. Thanks to intelligent and thoughtful folks like yourself.

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