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Comment: Re:Only 2T ? (Score 1) 98

by peturosan (#34407300) Attached to: SanDisk, Nikon and Sony Develop 500MB/sec 2TB Flash Card

48-bit LBA was already introduced in CF 5.0 - "CF 6.0 Ultra DMA Mode 7 along with 48-bit addressing defined in the CF 5.0 specification" http://compactflash.org/2010/cf-6-0-introduces-industry-leading-performance-and-feature-enhancements/

2TB limit is questionable - "The proposed new specifications have the potential to extend theoretical maximum capacities beyond two terabytes" http://www.sandisk.com/about-sandisk/press-room/press-releases/2010/2010-11-29-sandisk,-nikon-and-sony-propose-industry-standards-for-next-generation-high-speed-memory-card-format

Comment: Chronic lead poisoning? (Score 1) 115

by peturosan (#34008986) Attached to: Researchers Find 70-Year-Olds Are Getting Smarter
Leaded petrol introduced to Europe during WWII was phased out during 90s due to accumulative neurotoxicity of lead. The guys tested in 2000 had probably much lower blood lead concentration than the group tested in 1971. Chronic lead exposure is known to have adverse effect on short-term memory and concentration. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lead_poisoning

Never worry about theory as long as the machinery does what it's supposed to do. -- R. A. Heinlein