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Comment: Re:1024-fold (Score 1) 207

by petteyg359 (#47897325) Attached to: SanDisk Releases 512GB SD Card
Microsoft has had plenty of time to fix that, either via an utterly simple string replacement, or a minutely less-simple calculation (size / (1024^n / 1000^n) where n is the power of thousands in size). I wonder how much of a kickback Microsoft took from the lawyers in the frivolous lawsuits against Western Digital and others.

Comment: Re:Nobody kills Java (Score 1) 371

by petteyg359 (#47638247) Attached to: Oracle Hasn't Killed Java -- But There's Still Time
You ever heard of that big payroll company called ADP? They use a Java 6 applet (one that refuses to run if you even have vague thoughts about installing JRE 7 or 8) for their time card software. Lots of big companies outsource their payroll to ADP, therefore lots of big companies are still using Java applets as a core function of their business.

Comment: Suspension of Disbelief (Score 1) 169

by petteyg359 (#46853379) Attached to: Why Should Game Stories Make Sense?
I couldn't describe to you each individual plot point in a book I read last year. Whether you can remember every little tidbit of dialogue years later isn't important. While I'm playing, though, the plot line is right there in front of me, and all the previous bits and pieces are at the front of my mind. You throw in something that doesn't mesh with the plot in the least bit (i.e. Portal robot spheres in Skyrim, the talking dog in Skyrim, various other easter eggs in other games), that kicks me out of the game, and I don't want to continue playing. That's why keeping the story consistent is important, you dimwit.

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