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Comment: Re:So offer a cost effective replacement (Score 1) 185

by petteyg359 (#48009443) Attached to: Security Collapse In the HTTPS Market
HTTPS is only sufficient until ISPs install proxies and give all the technophobe morons who are proud to proclaim "I don't know about all them flashing lights and stuff!" a nice little "internet installer" CD that sets the proxy as a trusted root, or has the tech who comes out because the customer is too proud of their ignorance to connect a coax cable between two coax ports and an ethernet cable between two ethernet ports install it for them.

Comment: Re:Downloading music for free? Scandelous! (Score 1) 323

by petteyg359 (#47933527) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album
Some people don't give a shit about data usage, hence having automatic downloads on. Some people DO give a shit about having shit music forced into their library without their consent. I like all _my_ music, so my playlist is everything-on-random. It's MY playlist, not Apple's playlist, and they can keep their shit out of it.

Comment: Re:1024-fold (Score 1) 210

by petteyg359 (#47897325) Attached to: SanDisk Releases 512GB SD Card
Microsoft has had plenty of time to fix that, either via an utterly simple string replacement, or a minutely less-simple calculation (size / (1024^n / 1000^n) where n is the power of thousands in size). I wonder how much of a kickback Microsoft took from the lawyers in the frivolous lawsuits against Western Digital and others.

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