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Comment: Inattentive (Score 1) 478

by petronivs (#37120470) Attached to: Driver Using Two Cell Phones Gets Year-Long Driving Ban
You know, pretty much all places already have rules against inattentive driving. Why make a lot of additional rules banning "this one thing that people sometimes distract themselves with to become inattentive while driving"? Just put in heavier penalties against inattentive driving, since that's what people are really worried about. All these creations of additional bans benefit no one but the lawyers.

Comment: Prudent charities use condoms. (Score 1) 360

by petronivs (#37055654) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What OS For a Donated Computer?
For legal, technical support, and a host of other reasons, if the charity knows what it's doing, it'll be wiping all computers that get donated and installing something fresh, along with a limited suite of applications/games for the kids. For all they know, you could be a member of a pedophile ring and carelessly leave a folder full of child porn hidden somewhere on the hard drive. Or you could be a cracker who left a bunch of malware ready to crawl into their network the instant they hook the computer up to it.

Comment: Separating game and service (Score 1) 291

by petronivs (#36722704) Attached to: Sony Introduces 'PSN Pass' To Fight Used Game Sales
In contrast to a deliberate attack on game buyers, it sounds more like Sony's trying to separate the game itself (which can be played offline in most cases) from the service it connects to in order to use online capabilities. The first buyer gets a free pass to use the online service (bundled into the money Sony gets off it). Any subsequent buyers have to buy online access (since Sony doesn't get money off that sale). The long-term practicality, business-wise, for Sony is questionable in my opinion, but I can't really see moral issues with it.

Comment: Why is this an English course? (Score 2, Insightful) 118

by petronivs (#33521020) Attached to: University Offers Class In Zombie Studies
Does anyone else find it odd that this is a Junior-level college course in English, and the course is limited to zombie movies and comic books? If you want to study zombie movies, go to film studies. I can accept using zombie comic books, but few, if any, zombie comic books I've seen would qualify as quality literature. (Yes, some comic books do qualify as quality literature, just not those.) The real travesty for these students is that this course could actually be leveraging an interest in zombies to actually study good literature, like World War Z, the Zombie Survival Guide, the zombie Jane Austen books, and various fiction books from different eras in the evolution of the modern zombie. (The history of the zombie concept is quite the story.) Instead, they get to watch movies and read comic books.

Comment: Re:Mathematicians are gathering to vet this paper (Score 1) 147

by petronivs (#33227256) Attached to: Possible Issues With the P != NP Proof
Really, can't a very similar argument be applied to nearly every field of applied knowledge? Mathematics is a model for how the universe works; all practical science is just applied mathematics in some form or another. Music, anthropology, biology, conspiracy theories--they can all be described as applications of mathematics.

Comment: Re:iSlate name (Score 1) 195

by petronivs (#30583176) Attached to: The Speculative Pre-History of the iPhone

Regardless of any functionality this phone will have, it only takes a very short time to come up with the "if-one" pronunciation of iPhone. I can't imagine that Jobs would let anything that could be turned into a such an obvious mockery of Apple be released. I have no idea what the phone will be called, but I am betting heavily against "iPhone" - and yes I have been following all the reports on companies being purchased etc.

There, fixed it for you. We are as dedicated to exploring ways in which product names can be twisted as we were about making fun of our classmates' names back in kindergarten.

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