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Comment Re:Yes, they are employees (Score 1) 367

To make Uber driver more like contractors, address the Like Employees list point by point:
  • Uber sets the price - Change the model to let drivers bid on work by adjusting their margins. Uber computes the demand vs cost vs price to optimize.
  • Uber prohibits drivers from offering services outside of the Uber App. Drivers sign a non-compete clause. They're free to do anything else other than drive for hire in Uber's markets.
  • Uber drivers are an integral part of Uber's business. Not necessarily unique to employees. There are plenty of IT businesses (and farms) which high percentages of contractors.
  • Uber drivers cannot subcontract. Just the difference between a freelance contractor and a company. When companies farm out contractors or provide staff, they are often bound to specific individuals and cannot just swap them out without customer approval.
  • Uber drivers are trained by Uber. Farm workers are trained by the farm on what to pick, IT contractors have to follow company procedures and methods. So what.
  • Uber drivers can quit or be fired at any time. Ditto for contractors.

It seems like for Uber to change their model a bit on the first point should solve the dilemma.

Comment US bill is paid in full (Score 0, Troll) 528

Considering how much the USA contributes to the world in so many areas, through humanitarian aide, jobs, science, opportunity, medicine, education, and defending other countries with our blood, I'd say the balance is zero. This researcher should collect his fee for another pointless study, then disappear into oblivion.

Comment District gerrymandering (Score 0) 288

...indicate 'a statistically significant' pattern where the percentage of Republican votes increase the larger the size of the precinct The pattern could be voter fraud or a demographic trend that has not been picked up by extensive polling.

It could also be the effect of gerrymandering by Democrats to consolidate republicans into fewer districts and diluting votes in other districts so more district level elections can be favorably held.

Comment Uber costs too high? Take a taxi. (Score 2) 250

Uber is an experiment at implementing a pure capitalist supply-demand model which causes surge pricing. I'm not surprised that liberal enclaves like San Francisco and New York can't stand this. Uber riders should understand this and seek out the best price by taking a regular taxi if that's what is important. Or wait until the surge passes. Its the exact same model for many toll roads where you pay 1 price during rush hour, but its cheaper later in the mornings.

Comment Re:BULL (Score 1) 417

Ditto here. I've worked part time projects on a few places where there is a revolving door of H-1B guys. I have to do a systems training session every year it seems - but at least that keeps me in some work. Some are ok, but quite a few it seems are just there to run up the billing hours.

Comment Where is the harm? (Score 1) 165

Unless the lawyer has nothing better to fill his time, he's not getting interested unless there is some kind of harm, which is the basis of a suit and payment of damages (that's how they get paid).

Still, I'm with you on this - I really hate when politicians and agencies or anyone for that matter imposes rules on others, then exempts or ignores the rules themselves.

Comment Are franchise owners employees of the parent? (Score 1) 88

Consider also the case of a franchise owner of a restaurant like McDonalds or Subway. The corporate franchise parent sets very strict rules on appearance, service, quality, procedures, product purchasing, marketing etc, but the owners pay for the facilities, equipment, product, fees, licenses, etc. Would this ruling potentially reclassify all of them as employees of the franchise parent? It may come down to convenience for the IRS to collect payroll taxes - they'd much rather just deal with Uber and not 10,000 independent contractors.

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