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Comment: 0 channels (Score 1) 340

I find since having gotten rid of service from the local cable provider (die! Rogers! die!) over 3 years ago, having exactly zero channels to choose from takes comfortably out of "entertainment multiple choice", and into the realm of defining my own style of entertainment, whether from an online provider (NetFlix when they have good content, or other web providers who offer it, if it's interesting), DVD/BluRay (if I want to own it), and other sources for anything else I want to watch.

Comment: Psychotron (Score 1) 230

Assassin in stealth
Assailant from Hell
Impervious to damage
Computer on board
Engaged in war
Non-stop combatant
Maybe not a mutant, maybe a man
Part bionic
And organic
Not a cyborg
Call him Psychotron
Burning inside
Godspeed in glide
Battle plan running
A killing machine
Just downright mean
And forever gunning
Maybe not a mutant, maybe a man
Target to destroy
Arms in employ
Full assault fire threat
Sensors indicate
You will terminate
Life systems disconnect

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