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Comment: Re:You have *got* to be kidding me. (Score 2, Insightful) 835

by petabyte (#18532113) Attached to: Circuit City and the American Dream
I suppose I've had a different experience. I my field, I'm somewhat in demand so people try to keep me. However, I've been seriously working for 3 years and changed jobs almost every year. As openings come up, I climb up the ladder. My employeer has both a "penison" and a 401K - I only have faith in the 401K.

I understand what Circuit City is doing. As a company I'm pretty convinced they're over with. I can't recall the last time I went to one of their stores although I think that was for giftcard or something. They're trying to save money in whatever way they can. I really think they have to change how they do business and the way their stores are setup to compete with BestBuy but I really think it is too late for that. Anyway, I'll probably be buying stuff online.

+ - Off-Site Realtime Backup Solutions?

Submitted by Spazztastic
Spazztastic (814296) writes "I work for a small company in Pennsylvania that does large amounts of software engineering related to audio and video DSP solutions, and I am planning on designing an off-site backup solution for us. I don't know where to start, so I wanted to ask the /. users what their input should be. We currently do full-backups on tapes that are put into a fire-safe box off-site, but I am feeling that it isn't enough after reading the $38 Billion Dollar goof story. So, what do you suggest we do?"

+ - MIT Press Book on Open Source now Free

Submitted by eaglemoon
eaglemoon (7125) writes "MIT Press has released its book Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software as a free pdf download. The book is a collection of research essays covering topics such as open source motivation, economics, business models, software development process and tools, law and community. Sort of like "Open Sources" from academics. David Parnas, Larry Lessig, Eric von Hippel, and Clay Shirky are among the contributors. Go forth and consume."

+ - Novell and Perens speak out on patent deal

Submitted by
unum15 writes "This week is Novell's Brainshare conference. They are touting the Microsoft covenant not to sue as "good for consumers". Bruce Perens Decided to take this opportunity to "rain on Novell's parade". Perens read a statement from RMS affirming the GPLv3 would not allow companies to enter deals like this and continue to offer GPLv3 software. Perens even goes as far as to suggest this move is an exit strategy by Novell. There is Salt Lake Tribune Coverage, audio and pictures, enn coverage, crn coverage, and a volunteers report."

Journal: AJAX 404 scripts?

Journal by frankie

My organization just rolled out its new site design (which includes a good chunk of moved pages), and I just upgraded my copy of Danny Goodman's _Dynamic HTML_ to 3rd edition ("updated for Ajax and Web 2.0"). So I quickly realized we should have an AJAX script on our 404 pages. Parse the given URL, apply some heuristics, test a half-dozen candidate addresses, forward user to the best match.


+ - XFCE 4.4 released

Submitted by
b100dian writes "If you have already followed the release candidates, you know that XFCE is really evolving.
Besides adding desktop icons, introducing Thunar (en lieu of xffm) and MousePad, applications that are as simple as effective, Terminal that has built-in support for desktop composition (which is supported by the window manager out-of-the-box), it also introduced (finally!!) shortcut for the pop-up menu (you can see in the tour that Ctrl-Esc is binded to this menu)!!.
Congratulations for the lightest and slickest window manager ever:)"
PC Games (Games)

+ - Universal OS games?

Submitted by QueePWNzor
QueePWNzor (1044224) writes "Like the majority of people looking at this (I think), I play PC games. But fewer and fewer games work between multiple OS's, particularly Linux. But now that NeverwinterNights 2 isn't universal OS like the first, I'm pretty sure DirectX has sent all the good multi-platform games to hell (or Warrens-of-the-Damned, take your pick.)
What's left? Free-Wine I'd only trust to play pac-man. Few games are OpenGL, on the grounds that "only Windows people play games, and DirectX looks cool." The PS3 is the only system that uses high-powered OpenGL, but I'm not about to spend $500-600 for a system that only has $60+ games, requires a huge TV to look good, and takes almost as much power as the whole country of Mongolia (no offence, Mongolians.)
So I'd like to know: What good games are there that Microsoft hasn't killed? (Okay, so that's like asking how many dinosaurs aren't extinct. Bob from Dilbert not included.)
If anybody knows any games that work on Windows/Linux or Mac/Linux, please say. I would prefer that it runs on all three, but there are no games I know of that are sold for Linux so..."

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