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Submission + - Big Brother, Mars eddition->

pesho writes: "A Duch company called Mars One has come with a bold new plan to establish and grow a permanent settlement on Mars. The 'new' part of the plan is that Reality TV will be used to finance and support the mission. According to BBC this

means turning the whole recruitment process into a reality TV show, following the contestants on their seven-month journey into space and finally capturing their Red Planet experiences on camera and beaming them back to audiences on Earth.

Paul Romer, one of the creators of Big Brother is also on board landing his expertise in converting the mundane into entertainment. Does this sound as credible plan for space exploration?"
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Submission + - Microsoft to buy skype for $8B (rumour)->

pesho writes: Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft may be close to buying Skype for $8 billion. With recent rumours of Facebook being in talks for purchasing Skype, but now formal staments confirming that, one starts to wonder if this is a real bidding war or somebody is pumping the rumour mill.
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Submission + - Ubuntu prevents woman from attending college

pesho writes: This story reads like a piece from The Onion:

"Abbie Schubert paid more than $1,100 for a Dell laptop hoping to enroll in online classes at MATC. But something stopped her: Ubuntu. That's an operating system for your computer similar to Windows that runs off the Linux system."

Read on it gets better. In case you wonder MATC stands for Milwaukee Area Technical College.

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