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Comment: Do it slowly (Score 1) 451

by pesho (#46716527) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?

Instead I want to set up one test machine for users to try it and ask THEM if they like it.

This experiment will have a predetermined outcome: the users will not going to like it (if they even bother to try it) because its is different. Don't do it unless you realy need an excuse not to transition to linux.

If I were you I would do a gradual change:

  • 1. Before you do anything else, do your homework. Make sure you can run everything you need for your business on linux. This means checking with everybody and his sister in the company and going over every single app and document that is being generated or used. Put your findings in writing. Develop plan for the transition, that includes a pilot transition of small number of desktops. Show your findings and your plan to the management and make sure you have their approval in writing.
  • 2. Start the pilot by transitioning only the PCs with the now obsolete windows XP. Do it one at a time, allowing enough time for the main user of the machine to transition, while he/she has your full attention. Use this to iron out any transition problems. Stuff like compatibility issues between file formats and software. Leave the newer windows versions that are supported as is, but start gradually adapting the users to the free software they will have to use on linux (switch MS office to Libre Office for example, but keep the windows OS). This way the shock of the transition and the backlash will not be as bad.

As far as distro's come, the obvious choice is to do it with the distro that you are most familiar with. Alternatively use a distro that will be supported for years to come, even if you are no longer with the company.

Comment: Re:why carry crude to in tanks on moving vehicles? (Score 1) 144

by pesho (#46440213) Attached to: Exploding Oil Tank Cars: Why Trains Go Boom
First, read the TFA. Building infrastructure (new plants and pipelines) does not make much economic sense for regions producing oil or gas from shale. The reason is that the production from shale wells tends to drop down sharply, so the infrastructure is likely to become underutilized before it has payed for itself. Second, explain how shipping through a pipeline addresses the problem with volatile gases being present at higher amounts than they should be in the crude oil? Wouldn't this make the pipeline more likely to blow too? Besides volatile gases separating from the liquid phase in a pipeline opens a whole new can of worms related to hydraulic shock.

Comment: The recursive spies (Score 5, Interesting) 77

by pesho (#46440107) Attached to: The NSA Has an Advice Columnist

From he TFA:

Here’s the scenario: when the boss sees co-workers having a quiet conversation, he wants to know what is being said (it’s mostly work related). He has his designated “snitches” and expects them to keep him apprised of all the office gossip – even calling them at home and expecting a run-down! This puts the “designees” in a really awkward position; plus, we’re all afraid any offhand comment or anything said in confidence might be either repeated or misrepresented. Needless to say, this creates a certain amount of tension between team members who normally would get along well, and adds stress in an already stressful atmosphere. There is also an unspoken belief that he will move people to different desks to break up what he perceives as people becoming too “chummy.” (It’s been done under the guise of “creating teams.”)

We used to be able to joke around a little or talk about our favorite “Idol” contestant to break the tension, but now we’re getting more and more skittish about even the most mundane general conversations (“Did you have a good weekend?”). This was once a very open, cooperative group who worked well together. Now we’re more suspicious of each other and teamwork is becoming harder. Do you think this was the goal? Silenced in SID

Holy s**!. They have an old school spying operation within their new fangled hi-tech enterprise. This is how every single commie regime including the one in my old country used to operate. Everyone around you could be a snitch and something as innocent as an anecdote told to a friend could get you in trouble. You have to love the irony!

Comment: You asked for it (Score 1) 478

by pesho (#46278177) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Anti-Camera Device For Use In a Small Bus?
Implementing what you suggest will most definitely piss the hell out of the limo's customers. If you are absolutely sure that this is what you want, then here is my two cents: Smoke machine + IR camera. Dense fog will disrupt any attempt of your passengers to take pictures of themselves and flash photography will make things worse for them. Very close distance pictures may still work, but those will not be very desirable. On the other hand you will be prepared with IR camera that will be less affected by the fog. Sounds stupid? Well look at the question before complaining.

Comment: Re:Why do these exist (Score 2) 211

by pesho (#46035733) Attached to: T-Mobile Jumping Into the Check-Cashing Industry

But if you don't have a bank, how can you establish a banking record? Once you get to a certain age, it becomes a Catch-22. Can't bank because don't have credit record. Don't have credit record because can't use bank.

You show up in the bank with some money and tell them that you want to make a deposit. Couple of hundred bucks would do it. Banks love money. If on the other hand you show up with no money and ask for a credit, well than this is a different story. Did I say that banks love money?

Comment: I wouldn't say he was wrong (Score 2) 385

by pesho (#45860347) Attached to: Isaac Asimov's 50-Year-Old Prediction For 2014 Is Viral and Wrong

To me it seems he was too optimistic. He got the technology part pretty well. What he underestimated was the dickishness of the average human:

  • 1. Global governance: why not, we badly needed. The only problem is that people on any given spot of the world think the guys across the border are out to get them.
  • 2. Base on the moon. No problem from technical standpoint, but then again who is going to spend money on that when a war makes for a better photo-op and comes handy during elections.
  • 3. Distributing fairly the productivity gains from automation. Yeah right! You are fired, go flip burgers. Oh and by the way you have to know that flipping burgers is not a carrier, so we are going to pay you less than it would cost us to put a robot there. You see we are doing you good here by providing a stimulus for you to achieve your dreams.

Comment: Re:How many don't use the chrome part? (Score 2) 321

by pesho (#45813859) Attached to: Chromebooks Have a Lucrative Year; Should WinTel Be Worried?
Like the OpenSuse laptop this and the previous posts were made? I have done my fair share of reading on the NSA and a linux machine will not help you, unless you become your own ISP and maintain your own mail server, DNS, tor node, etc. This however will cover only part of their entry points. You still have a phone and you also communicate with other people who are less skilled or just don't give that much thought about securing their communications. Even if you spend the time and effort to secure both ends of your communications, you still stand no chance if you are targeted. Read more on the technique they call 'Quantum Insert'. The most practical solution involves making sufficient number of US citizens to actually act as citizens and exert pressure on changing the current law and instituting proper supervision. Here I also have done my part by calling my senator. Hopefully US corporations loosing business opportunities will work better than the US citizens suddenly starting to make educated decisions about how their country is ran. Short of being a citizen you can make the NSA's job a little more challenging by using encryption whenever possible and generating large volumes of garbage data for them to dig trough.

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