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Journal Journal: Moderating

Got to moderate for the second time in a week!

Have a nice day.

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Journal Journal: Random Thoughts on Posting

Was just browsing and found a couple of replies to a post. One of the more challenging aspects of this forum is the level of communication ability of the users. One of the replies the man clearly read much more into what I wrote than what I said. His reply was way off the facts, but he thinks he has enlightened me as to the errors of my thought processes. So be it. I know better. Now I need to try to write my comments with greater clarity and singleness of focus. Of course, some will still misread them, but that will not be my fault. (17 days of school left)
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Journal Journal: Random thoughts on spam

Today I was just browsing through /. after finding the link to it on petemoss.com regarding his fabulous Bernie adventure. I know that there have been changes here at /., and I think they are for the better. It just seems to me the quality of the posts is better, the tone of the users is more open and reasonable. More like a real community than a couple of years ago when things felt more "bristly" for lack of a better word. I am finding that I am enjoying my time here more than ever, and may even considering posting again now that my fear of being flamed for daring to post is ebbing away. Good job Cmdr & Crew!

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