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Comment: Re: "As it lays 18,000 off workers" (Score 1) 528

amen to all of that. its a huge problem here in india, i hope it doesn't catch on in the us too. and if nadella does indulge in stuff like hiring stupid guys just because they would work for peanuts, he deserves all the hate. but my point is, traditionally microsoft has NOT done this. they hire only the best, regardless of the ethnicity of the employee being hired. and they pay them more or less at par with americans.

Comment: Re:"As it lays 18,000 off workers" (Score 1) 528

Given that you apparently do not know what a capital letter is...

thanks for the personal attack, and a blatantly stupid one at that. yeah, i got thru 12+4 years of english education without coming across a capital letter.

Furthermore, I think that your English comprehension skills are lacking, due to your claim of "racism" being present. Nobody cares that Indians are Indians. Nobody cares what color their skin is.

it's a matter of opinion. i guess a troll wouldn't be able to comprehend that.

blah center...blah blah

this is not about call centers based in india, this is about indians being hired to work inside the us. again, your hatred (racism?) is eclipsing your comprehension skills.

Comment: Re:"As it lays 18,000 off workers" (Score 1) 528

i don't get this whole racism against indians thing. i am an indian, english is my second language. i am in the 99th percentile according to the gre verbal test. microsoft ceo is a guy completely educated in india. you think he is worse than the thousands of american microsoft employees?

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regulation would work in reducing immigrant workers, but microsoft would simply move whole divisions overseas. in totality, us jobs will decrease, not increase. i would think that inviting the smartest people from other countries and letting them create wealth inside the us would be better than less jobs in the us.

Comment: Re:Battery not removeable? No HTC One M8 for me. (Score 1) 702

by perryizgr8 (#47405335) Attached to: TSA Prohibits Taking Discharged Electronic Devices Onto Planes

the most successful smartphone (GS4) has a removable battery. The second most successful smartphone (GS3) has a removable battery. These were able to trump iphone due to small nitpicks like this only. MotoX is not selling at all. You are one of the few people who think less choice is good (in battery replacement).

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