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+ - Mangalyaan successfully put into Mars orbit

Submitted by knwny
knwny (2940129) writes "India's Mars satellite Mangalyaan was successfully placed into orbit around Mars early on Wednesday following a 10-month journey from Earth. India thus joins the U.S., the European Space Agency and the former Soviet Union in having successfully completed a Mars mission. It is however the only one to have done so on the first attempt. Headed by the Indian space agency ISRO, Mangalyaan was made in 15 months at a cost of just around 70 million USD crore — the cheapest inter-planetary mission ever to be undertaken."

+ - India enters its deep space exploration era successfully->

Submitted by rahultyagi
rahultyagi (924414) writes "With Mangalyaan (Mars Orbiter Mission) successfully completing the final stage of its voyage to the red planet, ISRO — Indian Space Research Organization — now joins the US, Russian and European space agencies in a small club of deep space exploration capable entities. Entering Martian orbit just 2 days after NASA's MAVEN, Mangalyaan cost only about a tenth of the cost, thus demonstrating India's capability to successfully complete space missions at highly competitive costs to exploit the fast expanding space industry."
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by perryizgr8 (#47962487) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 8 a Pig?

* With an Android device, the manufacturer outright abandons updating the phone the moment their next handset is on sale. (Samsung seems to be the worst about this, but, even Google has done it to stock Nexus phones.)

This is wrong. Samsung supports its S series devices (S2, S3, S4, etc) for a looooooong time. S2 got updates till KitKat. And with every update it got faster, not slower. They even back ported some of the features they introduced on later devices (Smart Stay, etc).

Nexus devices have guaranteed updates (on the same day of announcement, too) for 18 months. The new Android One handsets also have guaranteed updates. It should be noted that these updates are from Google so they are very quick and very frequent, sometimes to the brink of annoyance.

+ - Windows Technical Preview first screenshots leaked ahead of release->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Several screenshots found its way into web this morning to what it seems the build 9834 of Windows Threshold. According to the leak screenshots, Microsoft labels the operating system “Windows Technical Preview”.
The screenshots also show a desktop that includes some new flat design to match the Metro-style design in the Start screen.
In the Windows Technical Preview build 9834, the charms seems to be fully integrated in the app title bar by clicking the a button on the left.
Apps also show a border-less design, a new app switcher, and, of course, the Smart menu returns to the in the bottom left corner of the screen."

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